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Coloured masks: express yourself

Face masks are an important part of everyday life now but they don’t all have to look the same. Pixartprinting offers a range of masks for men, women and children in different colours and patterns, so you can express your personality or align your employees’ masks with your company branding. With everything from a pink face mask to a fabric mask customised with your logo, there is plenty to choose from as you prepare to step back out into the world while taking the necessary precautions. All our coloured masks are made from comfortable materials and are machine washable so they can be reused.

Customising your face mask

There are two models to choose from before you pick your colour and pattern:

  • Trumask™: this mask has the most colour options and patterns. Choose the black face mask – or pink, white or green – or opt for a pattern such as hearts, dots or even cats! The mask offers 95% filtration efficiency thanks to its three-layer design and the pure cotton layer that touches the face will keep you comfortable and is suitable for prolonged use. The filter is easy to replace and you can order more on the same page when required.
  • Fabric Mask: there are two pre-defined options to choose from here, plain white or a flag design. However, you can also add your own graphics to the mask by selecting the “customisable” option and express your creativity or advertise your brand. Our fabric masks are made from 100% polyester so they will feel comfortable even when worn for long periods of time.

Ordering coloured masks from Pixartprinting

When you are ordering a Trumask™, simply click on the pink face mask or whichever colour you prefer and you will automatically be given a price and expected delivery date.

If you are ordering Fabric Masks and want to add your own colourful graphics to the mask, please read the Template and Instructions file before uploading your artwork so that you can ensure that it meets our requirements for printing. If you would like one of our Graphic Designers to perform an enhanced check of the artwork before printing, simply select the Professional File Check option for a small fee.

If you have any queries or special requests, please contact our Customer Support team who are on-hand to help.

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