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Create your own personalised advertising signs and attract the attention of passers-by. Choose from different materials such as foam board, acrylic glass, aluminium and corrugated plastic. High quality at unmissable prices.

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Signs are the means most used by shops to capture the attention of passers-by. In fact, they contain many elements that influence customers’ opinions of the business. Just looking at the colours and font of a sign can give you an idea of the atmosphere of that place and the type of shop. This is why it is essential to print effective and original personalised signs!

Thanks to the numerous customisation options, you can create the online signs you've always dreamt of!

Print custom signs online

With Pixartprinting, you can print advertising signs on different high-quality materials such as plastic, wood, metals and cardboard.

Customise online panels and signs to make your communication even more effective both indoors and outdoors. Trust Pixartprinting: every day we strive to provide you with the best solutions to meet your every need!

The different rigid media formats available

We offer you a wide range of formats, always guaranteeing you a high-quality print:

Custom size

Portrait format: 50 x 70, 70 x 100, 100 x 140

Landscape format: 70 x 50, 100 x 70, 140 x 100

A wide range of rigid media to print your personalised signs

Bring your ideas to life with high-quality printing at unmissable prices. Choose your preferred rigid material. Each has a unique way of receiving ink and enhancing your images. What are you waiting for? Unleash your creativity!

  • Foam board sign printing: resistant, recyclable and versatile plastic material, suitable for numerous contexts of use such as the creation of advertising signs, both indoors and outdoors.
  • Corrugated plastic sign printing: a resistant material as it withstands the impact of atmospheric agents for many years. It is the lightest of the rigid media, generally suitable for outdoor promotions.
  • Akyprint sign printing: a plastic material consisting of a dark grey bubble structure. Its rough surface makes it resistant to the impact of atmospheric agents and scratches.
  • Acrylic glass sign printing: a transparent but unbreakable material, often used as an alternative to glass.
  • Smart-X sign printing: a high-tech support consisting of a sandwich structure. It is easy to install but also very resistant thanks to its polystyrene composition, which makes it very solid and able to absorb shock.
  • Foamcore sign printing: a panel coupled with a PVC surface, it is rigid but light.
  • KAPA sign printing : characterised by multiple layers with a polyurethane interior and a paper surface impregnated with latex. The panel has a similar appearance and texture to that of a painting canvas.
  • Aluminium sign printing: ensures high print quality and high resistance to severe temperature changes thanks to its stainless properties.
  • DISPA sign printing: not recommended for prolonged outdoor use as it is a light and eco-friendly material, characterised by highly flexible layers of paper.
  • Print signs in honeycomb cardboard: It is widely used for interior design but is not recommended for use in outdoor environments. It is a combination of the lightness of cardboard and the resistance of a 10 mm thick honeycomb texture.
  • One-side coated cardboard signs printing: versatile, pure cellulose cardboard. Generally used for the creation of packaging and signs.
  • Pressboard signs printing : Thin and resistant. Suitable for signage and packaging.
  • E-flute cardboard sign printing: corrugated cardboard with a smooth surface.
  • Doublewall E+E flute cardboard sign printing: material suitable for making cheap but resistant cardboard signs.
  • Microtriplo E+B flute cardboard sign printing : Suitable for those looking for a low-cost but reliable solution. Ideal for the production of signage and packaging.

Not sure which material to choose? Touch our materials by ordering the rigid media sample pack. Then you can confidently choose the type of panel that suits you best.

Once you have selected the material, choose from 6 predefined formats or customise the format by manually setting the dimensions. Finally, choose the cutting method: square cut (square or rectangular cut on the perimeter of the print) or cut to shape (shaped cut that follows the shape of the path present in the file uploaded by the customer).

Adhesive signs for shop windows and walls

In addition to rigid media, we offer you many other materials for your advertising signs. For example, the PVC stickers for the decoration of walls and shop windows are fully customisable and suitable for the creation of modern adhesive signs to be applied to your surfaces. Choose your preferred model:

  • Adhesive signs for shop windows: available in different adhesive materials, as needed. The transparent adhesive vinyl for window decals is recommended for printing transparent adhesive signs, which allow you to glimpse the interior of the room. Monomeric adhesive vinyl is a high-strength and low-cost backing, while EasyWall adhesive is perfect for window decals that are frequently replaced because it is easily removable.
  • Adhesive signs for flat surfaces: available in many different adhesive materials and with customisable sizes and cutting methods. For greater resistance, we offer you the option of laminating PVC stickers. If you want signs that last, adhesive vinyl is an excellent solution.

Signs and other ideas for your shop

We offer a wide range of options to decorate your shop. In addition to advertising signs, we recommend taking a look at our products for original interior design, such as wallpaper, plaques and canvas prints, all fully customisable.

Pixartprinting doesn't limit your creativity!

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Material made from resistant and elastic semi-expanded PVC. It allows you to use your creativity because it can be easily shaped.

Foam board

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ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. It resists thermal shock and you can apply a scratch-resistant varnish to the surface to protect the print.


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Light but unbreakable material and a valid substitute for glass. Suitable for high-quality prints on an opal or transparent base.


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Light, versatile and resistant to the impact of atmospheric agents. Ideal for making outdoor signage.

Corrugated plastic

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