Create and print original, personalised invitation cards

Make your birthday party even more special by printing fully customisable cards. Choose from a wide range of formats and surprise your guests!

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Personalised birthday invitation cards 

Birthday invitation cards

Your Birthday invitation cards with Pixartprinting

Print personalised invitation cards for your birthday party

Every self-respecting birthday party always starts with sending out invitations. No matter how old you are, let your creativity run wild and impress your guests with personalised birthday cards. Make your party unique and special!

  • Leaflets: available in 7 formats or a custom format and 11 types of paper. Possibility of lamination on the front or on the front/back.
  • Folded flyers: featuring 4 to 46 sides and 9 types of paper available. Possibility of lamination on the front or on the front/back.
  • Envelopes: ideal for sending your invitations in an original way. Available in different models that can all be customised.
  • Postcards and invitations: available in 3 different models (classic invitations, special finish invitations and postcards) and 11 types of paper.

Personalised invitations for your birthday

When celebrating a birthday, there are many aspects to think about in order to create a special party. For example: the food, the drinks, the music, the location and the decorations are key elements but, first of all, you have to think about the invitations.

The latter are often overlooked, even if they are essential to get you noticed and to take the opportunity to launch the theme chosen for your event.

Surprise your guests and give your party the visibility it deserves!

A wide range of media to print your birthday invitations on

From beautiful and elegant papers to simple but refined papers. Choose the product completely in line with the theme and style of your event. At Pixartprinting, we offer you numerous print media for the creation of small-format products.

  • Flyers and leaflets: they are the most versatile tools to communicate your birthday party and they aim to convey an impactful message to your guests. You can choose the type of lamination (matt, gloss, soft touch, antibacterial) and you can opt for a standard or customised size.
  • Folded flyers: containing from 4 to 46 sides, specially designed to host your text or graphics. Leaflets are ideal for entering more information about your party such as location, date, time and other contact information.
  • Envelopes: they are a timeless means of communication, ideal for sending your invitations in an original and personalised way. We offer you different envelope designs to choose from. Discover the ones that suit you best!
  • Postcards and invitations: you can print classic invitations or amaze your guests with special finishes (3D varnish, gold lamination and silver lamination). Or you can print custom postcards to write your message on the back.

We offer you numerous customisation options and different media to meet your every need.

Take advantage of the excellent value for money and convenient online service. In a few clicks you can print everything you need for your personalised invitations! You find the original idea and we'll take care of the rest.

Unleash your imagination and create the personalised birthday invitations you've always dreamt of!

Designing your personalised birthday invitations

Your tastes will define the final design for your Invitations but you can consider some aspects before printing:

  • Enter the information for the guests: remember to enter essential information such as the date, time and place of the party.
  • The theme of the event: it is optional but if you have decided on a particular theme for your birthday, you can express it in the invitations through the use of specific graphics or colours.
  • The tone of the party: generally, a captivating title is preferred, accompanied by bright colours. However, for formal birthday cards, less decorative elements and more sober colours are recommended.

Don’t limit your imagination. Choose your favourite of the numerous materials available!

Choose the card that best suits your personalised birthday invitation

With Pixartprinting, you have many types of paper available. Here are some of these described in more detail:

  • Classic demimatt - Matt coated paper: ideal for its ability to enhance the sharpness of text and the reproduction of high-quality images. 6 weights are available for this type of paper.
  • Classic gloss - Gloss coated paper: the combination of the satin finish and the high gloss of this paper allows for prints with realistic colours, as well as optimal definition of the greyscale. You can apply gloss lamination (front only or front/back).
  • Classic Uncoated - Brilliant White Uncoated: offers excellent value for money. The paper weight is 90 gsm. For printing a large number of Invitations, uncoated paper is an ideal solution.
  • Extraprint - Brilliant White Smooth Uncoated: paper with a smooth and velvety surface with a high whiteness. 3 types of different weights are available for this type of paper.
  • Rembrandt - Stipple-textured Uncoated: the surface is embossed with very fine lines, which make this material suitable for sharp prints. For example, with this material you can create elegant and original flyers and invitations for birthdays.
  • Turner - Orange Peel Texture: paper felt-marked on both sides, giving it a particular orange peel effect.
  • Underwood - Woodstock Birch: ivory-coloured paper with a surface featuring small irregularities (dots and specks), which give it a rough effect.
  • Ice White - Brilliant with Uncoated Linen finish: versatile paper and embossed on both sides.
  • Recycled: eco-friendly paper, made from 100% recycled fibres.
  • Mohawk Superfine: an ivory-coloured paper felt-marked on both sides. Perfect for sophisticated invitations and communications.

Personalised cards and other ideas for your birthday

In addition to the wide range of materials available for your personalised invitations, we offer you other great ideas to make your party even more original. For example, we recommend taking a look at the personalised gadgets to give your guests something useful and original such as pens featuring the colours of your event.

Make your birthday special with Pixartprinting!

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