Create the perfect packaging for your bracelets  

Customize your packaging quickly and easily, create your boxes for bracelets by choosing every detail and receive them at home in record time!  


Custom Bracelet Boxes 

Create your Bracelet Boxes!

Your Custom Bracelet Boxes with Pixartprinting   

The jewellery boxes you find on our site are all customizable, cheap, easy to assemble, but above all, available in many different models. Among our many offers, you will find the box for bracelets that is right for you, suitable as packaging for sale and shipping, the boxes for bracelets are also perfect as a gift box for shops.   

Create your packaging, customize your box for bracelets, choose the shape, your favourite colours, and the size right for you; in this way, you can get your own unique and original packaging. 

How to get your custom bracelet boxes? 

The first thing to do to create your bracelet boxes is to draft the desired package. Designing and drawing a properly box is undoubtedly the most complicated part; if you do not have the necessary skills, it is better to rely on a graphic designer. There is nothing worse than poorly made packaging. 

Remember that to create the design of your boxes for bracelets, you can rely on our expert designers, who want to help you realize the project of the box you had in mind. 

Once this is done, the road is downhill; we have to set the order and submit it. On our site, you will be able to do everything simply and in a few minutes. 

Choose the box that best suits the bracelets: Pixartprinting offers a massive choice of small packaging that could be suitable for holding a bracelet; choose the shape and features that work you best. 

Choose the suitable material: Choose the type of cardboard you prefer among the various available. 

Choose whether to laminate the cardboard: you can choose between different types of lamination, opaque or glossy. 

Choose the finishing: 3D paint, gold lamination, silver lamination etc. 

Define the number of boxes you need: You can start from small quantities to test the product up to tens of thousands of packages with super-competitive prices. 

Provide delivery details and payment details: Finished! At this point, you will only have to wait for your products to be delivered. 


Custom Bracelet boxes | Assistance 

What if you have any problems during the purchase process? What if I have a doubt or a particular request that is beyond the customization options? 

Do not worry; our assistance exists specifically for this; one of our team is always at your disposal to solve all your problems in creating bracelet boxes. So do not hesitate to ask us your questions; we will guide you if necessary along with the entire customization and purchase process, and in case of special requests, we will do our best to satisfy you 


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