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Creating custom candy boxes 

Candy boxes with Pixartprinting 

Pixartprinting candy boxes will allow you to package your products and enhance their best aspects. Create your boxes for candies, chocolates or sugared almonds quickly and easily. Create the packaging of your dreams, Elegant and refined or raw and eco-sustainable. The choice is yours! Combine all the personalization factors at your disposal and create the perfect candy box.  

Sweets Packaging: surprise your customers with sweetness 

Packaging plays a vital role in any product, but even more in the case of candies. In the case of food packaging, the box assumes a critical communicative role as it must contain the essential nutritional information about the product, in this case, candy.   

We must remember that in food, people generally pay close attention to the information provided; after all, it is something edible. Our customers rightly want to know what is inside their candy.   

Here, then, why in food packaging we often find nutritional information and a narration about the production process, once again to convince the consumer of the goodness of our product.   

We must also remember that packaging separates our candies from the external environment and protects them from bad weather or being crushed while they are being transported.  

Finally, we must keep in mind that in the case of a product such as candies, the box does not serve an end in itself but also as a tool for using the product. The box is very often reused, opened and closed several times during the consumption of the product, which can also take place over a prolonged period. Here, then, is why candy packaging must also be resistant and reusable. 

Candy boxes | Information you need 

On our candy boxes, we can print everything we want, but some information must be entered compulsorily. Here are what they are: 

The product's expiry date: Preceded by the words "to be consumed by", the date after which it will no longer be possible to eat the candies must be indicated. 

Nutritional table: The caloric intake and dietary substances contained in the food must be indicated: Energy value (in kcal), Fats (of which saturated), Carbohydrates (of which sugars), Proteins, Fibers, Salt. The values must be indicated per 100 g or 100 ml of product or per portion. 

Allergens: In addition to providing a list of ingredients in order of percentage, the presence of any allergens must be indicated. These must be contrasted with different fonts (font, colour or size) to facilitate quick reading by consumers. 

Storage conditions: The manufacturer must also indicate the most suitable way of storing the candies, with specific indications: "keep in a cool and dry place". 

Other Information that must be entered on which we do not dwell too much are: 

  • Address of the manufacturer 

  • Origin 

  • The physical state of the product 

  • Other at the discretion of the manufacturer 

Tips for an attractive packaging    

To create candy boxes that are captivating and attractive, you need to be able to take advantage of our packaging to entice our consumers and make the mouth water. Like? Showing him the product! This, as you already know, can happen in two ways: either by creating a window on our box from which you can see the candies or by printing a high-definition image on the packaging that entices the consumer to try the product.  

Draw the eye to your candy boxes  

How to draw attention to our candy boxes? In the realization of our perfect packaging, we have to consider our target. It will be based on this; we will choose how to make our boxes by playing with colours, shapes, graphics, and messages that affect some psychological factors of our customers or potential customers.  

There are a lot of studies on psychology and packaging. Did you know, for example, that each colour seems to communicate a sensation on a subconscious level? The blue conveys trust, the white cleansing and the red energy! Knowing how to use colour intelligently is therefore very important to communicate through our candy box. Equally important are the shapes and the graphic elements and messages that we print on our packaging. 

The important thing is always to keep our target in mind, what could my customers like? What might they look for on a candy box? What do they associate candy with? 

If the first approach with the customer is all the visual elements, touch is the next step and could be the key to capturing the customer. Once his attention is attracted, the customer is likely to pick up the product. Here, the tactile sensation can be another communication weapon that works at the subconscious level. It, therefore, plays with different types of paper and weights to communicate a feeling of craftsmanship, refinement or luxury. 

How to print the boxes for your candy? 

Okay, all very useful, but let's get down to business! How do I print my candy boxes? Here, you are in the right place. Thanks to Pixartprinting, printing your packaging has become very easy and fast. 

By following a few steps on a single page, you can choose all the customizations needed to create your perfect packaging. 

  • Format 

  • Material 

  • Lamination 

  • Ennobling 

  • Number of pieces 

  • Graphics to print 

Use our convenient template to set the print file correctly. Remember that if you have any doubts or problems, our assistance will be ready to help you and guide you throughout the process from design and purchase until you receive your candy boxes at home! 

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