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Champagne labels

Champagne labels | the label makes the difference

As you probably know, the label is an essential element for any product. Certainly, one of the sectors in which the label plays an essential function is that of wine. 

How does an average person choose to buy one bottle over another? Some consumers, the more experienced ones, dwell on information such as the origin of the vintage wine, the grapes from which it is made, etc ... while other consumers will be guided mainly by other factors such as the price of the bottle and their instincts. 

Both to communicate information to the former and to guide the instinct of the latter, the label of our Champagne is fundamental.  

Champagne and luxury

Champagne is synonymous with luxury, you can see it from the bottle, from the label of the people who consume it. Everything about this wine communicates a sense of prestige. Champagne is absolutely the wine most often associated with parties and the good life. But why? How was this myth born? 

The history of Champagne began a long time ago, it is believed that its record of fame began as far back as 496 BC in Remis in France, the birthplace of Champagne. In that year, during the baptism of King Clovis, the wine of the area, i.e. Champagne, was used in the religious celebrations, becoming the protagonist of the banquets that followed the events. 

When the Countess of Champagne married Philip IV of France a few centuries later, the bond between wine and the royal family became even stronger. All the kings of the nation were crowned in Reims, where rivers of Champagne used to flow during the festivities. Slowly Champagne depopulated and was able to gain its place in all the main courts of Europe. Its price skyrocketed, and the small wineries that previously produced the wine were replaced with mass productions, some of which still represent the main Champagne labels today. 

Here, then, is how Champagne had become synonymous with luxury, a meaning that it still holds firmly today. 

How can we, through our communication, recall these values and this sense of luxury? How can the label help us do this?  

How to create a "Luxurious" champagne label 

There are various elements with which the most famous brands, not only Champagne, usually play in order to create a product packaging that recalls an idea of luxury and exclusivity. In the same way we can work on our Champagne labels to communicate the same sensations. 

COLOURS: One of the very first elements is the colour palette. According to a study, the colours most often associated with luxury are: gold, which has always been the colour of wealth, but also blackpink and purple, which would communicate a sense of exclusivity. 

If we think of the main Champagne labels, in fact, we will remember how these colours mainly dominate these. Other colours have also begun to appear on Champagne labels such as orange and white in recent years. 

FONTS: The fonts they can choose will depend on the meaning we want to give to our Champagne label. If we want to give the bottle a vintage air, we will have to use specific fonts that recall the past. On the other hand, if we want to give a modern impression of our wine, we will have to follow the fashions that influence the fonts. In recent years, for example, luxury is linked to minimalism. Therefore, even the fonts used are very subtle, discreet and minimal. However, this may not be the same in a few years. 

SHAPES: The shapes of the champagne label or the one that it shows in it are not an essential requirement, but even these can sometimes help to communicate the sense of value we seek for our Champagne. 

Many labels have particular shapes that seem to recall past eras. Precisely to remember past eras, the shapes of many labels seem to recall the coats of arms of important families or carry forms of crowns and symbols of power in general on the label. Other labels, on the other hand, deliberately have retro shapes and designs in order to recall the roaring 20s in Paris and that romantic idea we have of Champagne. 

THE MATERIALS: Even the materials can be used to communicate the luxury in your Champagne labels. Rough and thicker weight paper is often used to remember an aged bottle and therefore of more precious valueThis helps to give the wine a more retro air. 

THE PROCESSES: Champagne labels are often very elaborate and rich in detail, again in order to invoke a sense of value and luxury through the label. Embossed elements, laminations, and 3D paints help create a truly unique champagne label that impresses the consumer, involving sight and touch. 

On our site, you have the possibility to create the label you want by playing with these factors: apply ennobling to highlight certain elements, apply gold or silver laminations, create labels of the shape you prefer and print what you want. 

The process of creating Champagne labels 

Making and printing Champagne labels is quick and easy on the Pixartprinting website. Here are the few simple steps you will need to follow: 

1)   Choose the type of label 

2)   Select the shape and size of the Champagne labels 

3)   Select the material you prefer from those available 

4)   Apply the processes you prefer to embellish the label 

5)   Specifies the number of labels to print 

6)   Upload the file to print and submit the order 

7)   Wait for your labels to be delivered to the address you indicated 

If you print your labels on reels you can also choose to customize the reel by choosing the dimensions of the internal core, the height of the reel, the direction of exit of the labels, the spacing between the latter and the division of the reel into smaller reels. 

These few steps are designed to make the customization process streamlined and straightforward, but in the unfortunate event, you have some problem or just a doubt. Do not fear! 

Contact us at the telephone number dedicated to assistance or write to us in the convenient chat you find on the site! 

Why choose Pixartprinting for your Champagne labels  

Why choose Pixartprinting for your Champagne labels? These are our strengths: 

1)   Quality: One of the main reasons for deciding to print your labels with Pixartprinting is certainly quality. We only use the best materials and the best printing technologies to guarantee excellent results. 

2)   Assistance: A great strength for choosing Pixartprinting for printing your Champagne labels is our unbeatable assistance. We know well that the activities that rely on us for their labels depend on our work. And it is also for this reason, our assistance is always ready to help those who need it. 

3)   Choice: A feature that distinguishes us is certainly the wide choice of products offered. Here you can find everything printed that your company needs and rely on a single supplier for your offline communication. 

4)    Design services: If you don't have a graphic file already set up for your Champagne labels, you can rely on our expert designers. Pixartprinting offers the possibility not only to print your products but also to design them with the help of expert graphic designers in designing your label. 

5)    The price: Another great advantage of online printing with Pixartprinting is the very competitive price. Especially on large quantities 

What information should be included on the Champagne label? 

On the Champagne label you will have to indicate the primary information necessary for the consumer to get an idea of the goodness of the wine and induce him to purchase. But there is also some information that must be included on the label. These types of information are usually placed on the back of the label. 

What information must be entered on a Champagne label? 

  • The name of the wine and geographical indication 
  • Specific area of origin of the wine 
  • The name, company name and seat of the Champagne bottler 
  • The alcohol content is expressed as percentage of the volume (e.g. 12 + 2% vol.) 
  • Quantity of product (expressed in liters, centiliters or milliliters) 
  • Lot of belonging of the wine and date of bottling. 

The wording "Contains Sulphites must always be present 

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