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It's really easy to print invitation cards with Pixartprinting. Create invitations to your baby's Christening now.

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Christening invitations

Your Christening invitations

Is the important Christening day approaching? Are you getting organised? Create personalised invitations for your guests and print them on paper – you can personally hand them to your guests or send them by post.

Yes, you could invite everyone via a simple WhatsApp message, but if you want to do things in style, this is definitely a more sophisticated option.

Plus, if you print a cute photo of your baby on the Christening invitation, it will also act as a keepsake of that beautiful day.

Christening invitations? Easy with Pixartprinting.

It's really easy to create invitations for all kinds of celebrations with Pixartprinting. Choose the most effective product for you, customise it to meet your needs and create the artwork for your party invitation.

Some stages of your child's life are especially important, and one of these is their Christening. Invite family members and loved ones to share this sacred and important moment with you with Christening invitations.

How do I create the artwork to print on the Christening invitation? 

To create the artwork for your invitation, you can:

  • Upload existing artwork: if you already have the artwork or decide to create it ad hoc based on the dimensions of the invitation, you can upload it easily when you have purchased the product. If you want to buy the product and then create the artwork in Illustrator or Photoshop, no problem. Your order will not be processed until the artwork for your invitations has been uploaded.
  • Create the artwork in our Designer tool: if you don't have a design for your invitations, you can conveniently create it in our Designer tool by selecting the "Create your file" option. You can add images and graphics and move them freely around inside the print area, add text and edit fonts, colours and dimensions, add a background photo or use a plain-coloured background. Choose how to customise the front and back of your Christening invitations!
  • Get help from our experienced designers: if you don't know where to start, our experts can help and design the perfect artwork for your Christening invitations.

How to create special finish invitation cards? 

If you want to create highly sophisticated invitations, we recommend using special finishes.

Special finishes are a printing technique that embellishes certain details of the artwork on your Christening invitation with a special effect. The 3D varnish is an extra-thick clear varnish that is printed digitally onto selected areas of the artwork to enhance them with an embossed tactile effect. With the selective gold or silver foil, foil is hot stamped onto selected areas of the artwork to enhance them and make them stand out.

Download the Instructions from the product page as they contain guidelines from our graphic designers to help you set up the print file for your invitations correctly. This will ensure that you get the best results

Remember that due to the unique nature of this product, you cannot use the Designer tool on this specific item. The artwork must be created separately and then uploaded to be printed on the invitation.

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