Come presentare al meglio la propria azienda ad un potenziale cliente o investitore? Con una grande presentazione aziendale. Scopri come realizzare e stampare la tu presentazione aziendale personalizzata per fare colpo! 

Company presentation brochure

What is a company presentation brochure and what is it for?

A company presentation is an indispensable tool to make your company and all company services/products known to many new potential customers. But not only that, through a company presentation you can communicate the history, vision and mission of your company, arranging everything with an impactful and engaging graphic layout!

In other words, a company presentation is a summary of the vital information that characterises your company and makes it what it is. It is a tool aimed at making your company known and convincing anyone who reads it of its value. That's why in a company presentation, every aspect must be taken care of down to the smallest detail.

Usually, a company presentation takes the form of a brochure but can also be printed inside a leaflet or a bound booklet. It all depends on how much information you want to put into your business presentation.

Corporate presentation brochures are usually printed to be distributed at trade fairs and industry events where potential customers and investors may be interested in your company's goods and services.

How to make a corporate brochure

Writing a business presentation can be more difficult than you think. Although you know your company's services or products very well, you know their history and values, it may not be easy to communicate them effectively externally, especially if you have to summarise everything in a few pages.

Here are some simple tips for writing an effective business presentation.

  • Be as clear as possible: One of the worst things to do in a business presentation is to assume that the reader is familiar with the industry your company operates in and what it specifically deals with. Some customers may be new to the industry or be part of it but don't know some aspects of it. This is why it is important to present yourself in a business presentation as if you were talking to a total stranger and inexperienced person, without overlooking even the smallest details that may seem obvious. In your company presentation, it must be clear which area your company operates in, the need that your company wants to meet and the way in which it intends to do so.
  • Hold their attention: Your company presentation will not always reach people who are proactively interested in your company, sometimes it could end up in the hands of people willing to give you a few seconds of their attention before putting down the booklet or brochure containing your presentation. That is why it is important to be able to hold their attention, not to be too verbose, divide your presentation into small paragraphs with headings. Nobody wants to read a wall of words: use short but meaningful sentences. Examples, graphics and images can help to communicate a concept in a simple and fast way but they must be clear and easy to read.
  • Get help from a good designer: The design or layout of your presentation and business is key to impressing the reader. A carefully studied design can help the reader to understand your company presentation better and follow it more easily thanks to a more effective division of spaces with shapes and colours and the use of modern and easy-to-read fonts that emphasise data and keywords. If you do not have the skills to produce a certain level of design, then you should contact an expert who will help you design your presentation.

  • Pay close attention to mistakes: Mistakes of any kind do not make a good impression. Make sure that you re-read the text over and over again to make sure that there are no spelling mistakes or errors in the data presented. To be on the safe side, let friends and relatives read the company presentation as they may spot different mistakes.
  • Rely on professionals for the printing of your company presentation: As you can imagine, in the eyes of a potential customer or investor who is finding out about your company for the first time, every detail makes the difference! You don't want to present your company with a badly printed and bound corporate presentation brochure, do you?! It is important to contact professionals for printing your company presentation, such as Pixartprinting.

Which formats are best suited for a corporate brochure?

There are different solutions to print your business presentation: it all depends on how long your presentation is. It could be on a two-sided leaflet or in a small booklet.

  • The flyer (or leaflet) can be a very versatile and low-cost tool that allows you to communicate about your business with concise and interesting content. It could be ideal for you if you do not need to include a lot of information and if readers are passing by and have a short attention span.
    A company presentation leaflet can be printed on the front only or on the front and back.
    The most popular formats are A5 (half of the classic A4) or A6 (size of a postcard).
  • A folded flyer is another of the most widely used tools to print business presentations. It is an advertising tool to present information and inform potential customers or investors, but, compared to a leaflet, it allows you to do so with more content, thanks to the greater space available.
    A folded flyer is simply a folded sheet with multiple sides which, depending on the fold chosen, can assume various configurations.
  • A brochure, on the other hand, is one of the most comprehensive solutions in terms of space for your content. They will allow you to include a lot more content and technical explanations. You can use a brochure to include your product catalogue with the various technical data sheets and possibly the prices in your company presentation.

How to print your company brochure with Pixartprinting

Printing business presentations on our site is very simple and fast. First of all, choose the most suitable product for you: leaflets? Folded flyers? The choice is yours! Then you can customise it in many ways to make it suitable for presenting your company. Choose the format, the type of paper and any finishes, the type of binding and the number of pages.

Specify the number of copies you need and the address to send them to and we'll take care of the rest! We will print your company presentations and deliver them to you within 48 hours!

Company presentation on Brochure

Also called a "booklet", it is a browsable product consisting of a series of printed pages that are bound and attached to a cover.

  • Custom size
  • 7 types of paper
  • Lamination
  • Starting from 1 copy
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What is a Brochure?

It is a single sheet printed and folded one or more times. Small in size, it can have from 4 to 36 sides.

  • Many formats
  • 9 types of paper
  • Lamination
  • Choice of the number of folds
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Company presentation on folded Leaflet

What is a folded leaflet?

It is a single, simple printed sheet that is distributed to promote a product, service or event. Unlike the brochure, it is not folded.

  • Custom size
  • 11 types of paper
  • Lamination
  • Front and back printing
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Company presentation on Flyer

What is a Flyer?

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