Create your own compliment slips to send with business gifts

Find out how easy it is to create customised compliment slips to go with your gifts. Earn your customers' and employees' respect by sending a message with their gift.

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Compliment slips are a simple yet useful way to send a message when giving someone a gift. They are an extremely useful and highly popular communication tool that adds an extra touch of professionalism to a gift, especially in business. Create your compliment slips and customise them with your brand's logo and colours, or however you want.

Create elegant compliment slips

You can choose from various types of compliment slips to customise. They can also be printed in larger formats to allow for longer and more personalised messages.

To give your compliment slip an extra touch of class and make it elegant, remember to choose a coarse and heavy paper, and for even more of an impact, add a special finish to emboss certain elements of the design and give them a pleasant tactile and visual effect. Don't forget to leave a space on the compliment slip where you can write a personalised message for the person receiving the gift. That way, the recipient will feel special and important and will be happy to know that the sender has spent time on them. This method of communication is a very useful resource for shops or companies that often give gifts to their customers, employees and collaborators!

If you want to go the extra mile, you could even put your compliment slips in envelopes, customising both the envelope and the seal strip.

An original compliment slip in different formats

To create your own compliment slips, you can choose from various formats based on the type of slip you want. Opt for a smaller format if you want to include a shorter message or select the biggest format if you want to add more text and maybe even print a photo.

Choose the orientation of the slip and whether to print your message in landscape or portrait. You can print on the front and back of the slip if you wish, so you could include a message on the back and print your company logo on the front, for example.

When to use compliment slips?

Compliment slips are usually sent as a note to accompany a gift. Even if etiquette states that it is the gift that should accompany the card, and not vice versa, it is important that we pay attention to the slip.

Compliment slips are therefore often used with gifts, both in personal life and even more so in the professional/business world, where a gift has a purpose and a message associated with it.

Compliment slips can be used with a gift sent to your most important customers or with a gift to thank your employees or colleagues. Remember, when possible, it's always best to write something by hand as it means much more to a customer to receive a hand-written message as it shows the time and effort you have made. Therefore, you should include some blank lines in your compliment slips to fill in by hand.

What to write on compliment slips?

The message people generally write varies depending on the information or the reason you're sending a compliment slip. It would usually be a simple message like "Speak soon" or "Kind regards". It is all based on the customer and could also be a formal message. Compliment slips are for quite short messages, so if you want to write more than a few sentences, it might be better to send a letter. Compliment slips are designed to send simple, brief messages to your customers.

What are the most popular sizes used for compliment slips?

The dimensions vary. There is no standard format for compliment slips. However, the most common sizes are 10x15 cm, 10x21 cm and 14.8x21 cm, which is mainly due to the fact that they fit in envelopes without having to be folded. These are good sizes to use for compliment slips as they are not so small that they go unnoticed but not so big that they are bulky

Compliment slips: a tool with many advantages

Compliment slips offer several advantages in a professional context:

  • They allow you to send a message with a gift
  • They show how important your customers and colleagues are to you
  • They make any gift more professional
  • They allow you to give a potential customer your contact details and increase the chances of them calling you back
  • They enable the gift to be associated with a logo/brand

So, what are you waiting for? Print your compliment slips and prepare to show your appreciation for your customers or employees.

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