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Cookies Packaging

Cookies Packaging

Cookie boxes | The importance of packaging   

How many types of cookies do you know? I bet you can name at least a dozen, and I assure you that for each of them, there are at least a hundred others you don't know. 

Like many others in the food world, the cookie market is significantly populated, so one wonders why would anyone prefer my cookies to those of the competition? The answer seems obvious: because they are better than those of the competition ... This may be true, your biscuits could be the best in the world and once tasted, convince the Queen of England to buy a hundred boxes, but that's not the problem, the hard part is getting potential customers to try your product for the first time!   

In these cases, we come up against the so-called "consumer inertia" in changing their habits. If a person has been consuming the same cookies for many years and is happy to do so, it is difficult for them to want to try a new product, and your cookies, even if very good, could remain closed in their box and unsold.  

How can we do then? This is where packaging comes into play, and one of its main features is the ability to capture attention and communicate.  

Not being able to force the consumer to try our product, the competition must occur at a previous level, i.e. at the level of sensations and expectations evoked by the packaging.  

What are the strengths of your brand and your cookies? Communicate it effectively on the box. How do your cookies look? Print a detailed image on the packaging! Why are your cookies healthier than others? Highlight it in the Nutrition Information!   

If you can communicate all these things well and combine them with extravagant packaging that catches the eye, it is very likely that many will want to try your cookies and that someone will fall in love with them

How can I design my cookie boxes?    

Creating your cookie packaging is super easy. Just follow a few straightforward steps on this page.   

  • Create your cookie box by choosing cardboard, processes and graphics to print. 

  • Download the template of our graphics with the indications to optimally set the print file.

  • Provide delivery details and submit your order. 

  • Wait for delivery to the address chosen during the payment phase.   

Simple, isn't it? So what are you waiting for? You, too, can easily and quickly create your cookie packaging.  

Remember that if you have any doubts or problems during any phase of the customization and purchase process, our support team is ready to solve your problems and answer all your questions. So do not hesitate to call for any doubts or special requests. 


Which type of packaging is best suited to biscuits?    

There are various types of packaging that you can find on our site, from the most classic shapes to the most extravagant ones. Mainly the possibilities are divided between two basic choices: Use flexible packaging or a box for your cookies.   

You can find our food bags available in various materials or their 100% recyclable twins among the flexible packaging. This type of packaging has the great advantage of being flexible and light and, above all, resealable thanks to a convenient zip.   

Even among the cardboard boxes, you will find many possibilities for your cookies: Boxes with windows, for example, to show your product, pouch boxes that give a touch of craftsmanship or packages with a more original shape to capture attention, such as the box with flower closure or hexagonal-shaped box.   

Are you undecided? So try them all! If you want to touch all the packaging before making a decision, order the packaging sample, and you will receive a copy of each type of package so that you can decide which one is right for your cookies. 

Cookie packaging and much more you might need    

On the Pixartprinting website, you will find many other products that you may need besides packaging. Be sure to look at the paper bags that many customers buy together with the packaging. Then, look at our labels and stickers section or our small format section, where you will find everything you need for your offline communication. 

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