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Create your own custom diary quickly and easily: choose one of our diary products if you want to use the template for the inside and only customise the look of the outside, or choose one of our binding methods and create your own diary from scratch. Choose the binding, type of cover, paper thickness, size and much more. Create a custom template and print it on the inside of your new diary.   

Create your own diary with Pixartprinting and see how easy it is

Create your own corporate diaries or promotional diaries   

With Pixartprinting, you can easily create corporate diaries to give out to employees as small gifts or to use as promotional items at trade fairs and events .   

Select one of our pre-configured diaries, sewn-bound diaries or hardback diaries, and simply upload the artwork to print on the cover, which could be a basic logo or more elaborate graphics. If you want more customisation options, you can opt to create your own diary from scratch, choosing the binding type first and then personalising every other aspect .   

Which diary sizes are available?   

If you decide to make your own diary with a pre-configured template, you can choose 11x18 cm or 17x24 cm for the hardback diaries or 11x18 cm, 17 x 24 cm, 15 x 21 cm and 21 x 30 cm for the sewn-bound diaries.   

However, if you prefer to create your own diary from scratch, you can also choose a custom format, which allows you to specify the ideal dimensions for your diary.   

What type of binding is best for my diary ?  

Each type of binding can work, but bear in mind that a maximum of 68 pages can be selected with stapled binding, so it would only be suitable for a weekly planner, not a daily one.  

Wire-o binding is definitely the most flexible but perfect binding is the most elegant and professional. It's up to you !  

Create diaries to gift to your team   

It doesn't matter whether you have a team of five people or 100, our diaries can be printed in just a few copies. Create a small gift for your colleagues and make customised diaries. Create diaries with your logo on and maybe add one of the many customisable promotional items you can find on our website, such as bookmarks, key rings, etc.  

 Create a diary for a gift  

Customised diaries can be a great, original gift idea, ideal for a birthday, graduation or new job! If you have the patience to create a template for the inside, you can include lots of quotes and messages to motivate the person to keep going and make them smile. Otherwise, you could simply decide to print a nice photo on the cover or back.     

What are you waiting for? Create your own diary now and receive it in just a few days!  

Agenda with stitched binding

For a more sophisticated and high-quality diary, the solution is the thread-stitched paperback. A type of fine binding for elegant diaries!

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 The corrugated paperback is the most common of the bindings. The pages, glued to the cover, allow for an easy and economical solution for your diaries.

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Agenda with corrugated and milled paperback binding

Fast and effective, it involves the use of a spiral with a cylindrical section, inside which the sheets and the cover are inserted after punching. Resistant, economical and flexible solution.

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Agenda with metal spiral binding

Create your diary

Choose a type of binding

 4 different formats available, 2 possible internal layouts, thread-stitched binding and possibility of laminating!

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Hardcover diaries

 Agendas with stapled binding

 4 different formats available, 2 possible internal layouts, thread-stitched binding and possibility of laminating!

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Create your diary with predefined internal layout

 Create your personalized diary, find out how easy it is!

 Create awesome personalized planners. Choose whether to create your diary with a predefined internal layout, or to create it from scratch!

Create your own diary

Create it from sratch!Predefined internal layout

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