What are the differences? We'll explain everything in this article 

Brochures, leaflets and flyers are three different products but people often get them confused. We'll outline the differences between these classic communication tools.  

Brochures, leaflets and flyers 

The differences between brochures, leaflets and flyers  

The differences between brochures, leaflets and flyers 

Brochuresleaflets and flyers are three different products but these terms are often confused and used incorrectly in everyday language. It is essential to prevent misunderstandings, especially if you work in the graphics or communications sectors. Knowing the meaning of these three terms will help you find the best solution for you and communicate your printing needs effectively to third parties! Let's clarify a little and find out the main differences between brochures, leaflets and flyers 

What is a brochure? 

brochure, also known as a booklet, is made up of a set of printed pages, bound together and attached to a cover to make a booklet or small catalogue. It can therefore be flicked through and have a limited number of pages (from 6 to 20). The dimensions of a brochure are usually small and the most common sizes are A4 or A5 

There are various binding methods for a brochure. The most common binding type for products with a limited number of pages is stapled binding. In this case, the pages of the brochure are joined together by two staples. For publications with more pages, on the other hand, perfect binding is often used, which involves glueing the pages to the spine of the cover with special glue. Wire-o binding is sometimes used for brochure binding but is rarer.  

When to use a brochure  

As mentioned above, a brochure consists of between 6 and 20 pages. It can therefore hold a lot of content that would not fit on a flyer or leaflet. Usually, a brochure would be for a more engaged reader that falls within your target audience, who is prepared to take the time to read the information in it. A brochure is not widely distributed but handed out at industry events or on special occasions.  

A brochure can be for advertising or informational purposes. It can be used to promote an offer, a new product or service, or to provide the reader with in-depth information about a particular topic.  

What is a leaflet? 

A leaflet is a single, large, rectangular sheet that is folded one or more times to make several printable sides. The reader can open the leaflet to read it and then close it again and put it in their pocket. A leaflet can have 2 to 36 different sides, depending on the number of folds, and each side can be used to print images and text, etc.  

When to use a leaflet  

leaflet offers a large surface to print all kinds of content on. The basic rule is to use a leaflet when you want to give the reader lots of information but in a concise way. You can use images, maps and graphics to visually enhance the content of the leaflet and give the readers what they need.  

If there is not a lot of information to include, it is probably better to use a simple flyer. Conversely, if there is a lot of information, it is best to opt for a convenient brochure. 

Generally, a leaflet is designed to be read more carefully than a flyer. It is predominantly used to promote events or advertise a new product or service but it is also used a lot to provide information. The aim of a leaflet is not just to intrigue or catch attention but to go deeper into a specific topic within the limits of the space available. 

Due to its small size and the fact that it is foldable, a leaflet is often used to print maps.  

What is a flyer? 

flyer is the simplest and most well-known tool on the list. It is a single sheet printed on one or both sides, which is widely distributed to a large number of people. The aim of a flyer is to help to increase the visibility of an offer, product, service or event.  

A flyer is one of the most widely used forms of communication because it is a simple, immediate and cheap way to communicate with your target audience. It can be printed in various formats and on different paper types according to your needs and the expected result. Playing with the material, paperweight and dimensions of the flyer can help to make your message stand out.  

When to use a flyer  

As flyers are very simple and affordable, they are often used for mass communication and distributed at large public events or in town centres. The main aim of them is to capture the reader's attention in an instant. They only have a few seconds to do so as that is all the time the reader takes to read them.  

That is why flyers are used for simple, quick messages that grab the reader's attention, perhaps with an intriguing title, a soft approach or a highly discounted price. Next, there is usually a "call to action" to encourage the reader to do something like visit a shop or website. To encourage this action, you can add a coupon or QR code to the flyer.  

How and where to print a brochure, leaflet or flyer  

Have you found out which is the right communication tool for you? With Pixartprinting, you can print your brochuresleaflets or flyers  online, quickly and easily. 

You can choose your favourite product and select the customisation options to create a bespoke communication tool. Just follow a few simple steps to customise your brochuresleaflets or flyers, choosing the format, dimensions, paper type and finish.  


Also called a "booklet", it is a flip-through product consisting of a series of printed pages that are bound and attached to a cover.

  • Custom size

  • 7 types of paper

  • Lamination

  • Strating from 1 copy
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What's a Brochure?

It is a single sheet printed and folded one or more times, which the reader can open and close. Small in size, it can have from 4 to 36 sides.

  • Many formats

  • 9 types of paper

  • Lamination

  • Choice of the number of folds
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What's a Leaflet?

It is a single, simple printed sheet that is distributed to promote a product, service or event. Unlike the brochure, it is not folded.

  • Custom size

  • 11 types of paper

  • Lamination

  • Front and back printing
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What's a Flyer?

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