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Creating your packaging is not easy, especially when it comes to a tiny box such as a box for earrings. 

Fortunately, Pixartprinting makes packaging easy and guides you in a few simple steps towards creating the perfect box for your earrings. 

With little space available in such a small box, the elements to play with are certainly fewer. The quality of our packaging will therefore play an even more critical role. 

Our box will not have to communicate a lot of information as it can happen for other products. Still, it will mainly have two purposes: to protect our earrings, and therefore be resistant, and to surprise those who will receive the box being therefore refined and of excellent quality. 

Let us remember that in the world of jewellery, the so-called "unboxing" is very important, and we must therefore play on factors that influence it, such as how the box is opened, the colours and graphics that are inside, etc ...  

How to print your earring boxes? 

The first step in making your packaging for earrings is creating a draft of the desired box. Designing and drawing a package is not as simple as it may seem. If you do not have the necessary skills, it is better to rely on a graphic designer. There is nothing worse than poorly made packaging. 

Remember to make the boxes for your earrings, and you can rely on our expert designers, who will help you create the packaging you had in mind for a truly competitive price. 

Once we have designed our earrings boxes, we should be able to transpose them into reality. On our site, you will be able to set up your order in a few simple steps. 

  • Choose the box that suits you best: Pixartprinting offers a wide selection of tiny packages that could be suitable for your earrings, choose the shape and features that work you best. 

  • Choose the material: Choose the most suitable type of cardboard among those available. 

  • Choose whether to laminate the cardboard: you can choose between different types of lamination, matt or glossy. 

  • Choose the finishing: 3D paint, gold lamination, silver lamination etc ... 

  • Define the number of boxes you need: You can start from low quantities to test the product up to tens of thousands of boxes. 

  • Provide delivery details and payment details: Done! Now you have to wait for your products to be delivered. 

Assistance for your earring boxes 

The process of buying and customizing earrings boxes is meant to be as simple as possible, but having any doubts is undoubtedly legitimate. 

Contact us for assistance, and our dedicated team is ready to help you and support you throughout the customization and purchase process until you receive your order. 

Do not hesitate to call us for special requests; if what you are looking for is not included among the options we put at your disposal, do not despair. Call us, and we will do everything to satisfy you. 

Boxes for earrings and other products 

Dealing with a single supplier for all the packaging we need is undoubtedly the best option, reducing risks and time spent in relationships. 

Other products in our catalogue could be interesting besides the boxes for earrings. Our guarantee seals, for example, are a product often associated with this type of boxes because it reassures the customer that no one has touched their product. You will find the seals and other stickers and labels in the stickers section. 

Even our paper bags are often associated with purchasing a few boxes, along with business cards and flyers. 

Are you ready to create your Earring boxes? 

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