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What is eco-friendly packaging?

You have surely heard of eco-friendly packaging or sustainable, green, environmentally friendly packaging... But what does all this mean? And when can we use the term eco-friendly packaging?

We talk about sustainable packaging when packaging is produced using materials or raw materials from the recycling chain or raw materials that are easy to dispose of or recyclable. At the same time, to be sustainable, packaging must be produced through a sustainable production process and have a logistics and production chain that is as short as possible.

What should sustainable packaging be like?

Sustainable packaging must use recyclable and materials that are easy to dispose of, such as cardboard, and avoid the use of plastic as much as possible. As we know in certain areas, however, plastic is necessary because of its properties. In these cases, in order for the packaging to be as sustainable as possible, it is best to use recycled or easily recyclable plastic.

What are the most used materials for more sustainable packaging?

  • Paper and cardboard: Obtained from trees, they are completely biodegradable.
  • Recycled paper: Paper from the circular economy for recycling.
  • Biodegradable plastics: There are plastic bags that decompose when exposed to sunlight.
  • Recycled plastics: Plastics from a circular economy for recycling.
  • Recyclable plastics: Plastic is composed of linear polymers that are easily recyclable.

Why choose eco-friendly packaging?

There are countless good reasons to use sustainable packaging: eco-friendly packaging is a fundamental element of the green strategies adopted by many companies in recent years.

The adoption of more sustainable packaging can be highly valued by consumers and lead to increased sales.

But firstly, there is a big reason why it makes sense to adopt eco-friendly packaging, which is to reduce the plastics in circulation and change our future!

Did you know that 2,315 thousand tons of plastic wrapping were produced in Italy alone in 2019? This trend is unfortunately on the rise despite the “green” change that many companies seem to have undertaken and this immense amount of plastic then pours into our seas, polluting them for millennia!

Therefore, adopting measures to make your own packaging more sustainable is not only a question of sales and economic return but also, and most importantly, an ethical choice that we owe to our planet and to future generations.

How to create quality sustainable packaging

On this page, we show you our selection of sustainable packaging. You will find bags and boxes made from cardboard or recycled materials to allow you to rethink your product packaging.

You do not have to compromise on quality to have more sustainable packaging. The quality of our sustainable packaging is flawless and appreciated by thousands of customers.

Our sustainable packaging solutions are 100% customisable, simply choose the product that best meets your needs and then you can change several aspects such as the dimensions, the material and any special finishes. You can then decide what to print on your packaging, upload your already created design, create it on the spot using our 3D designer tool or get help from our graphic designers!

Sustainable packaging: printing plastic-free boxes and pouches with Pixartprinting

What do we mean by sustainable packaging? What is sustainability?

Packaging is not only a tool available to companies to preserve a product during transport but also a real opportunity for communication and promotion. A package, in fact, may be able to attract consumers attention from the shelf and tell them about the qualities of the content before convincing them to buy. The choice of packaging often reflects a company’s branding and the values on which the company is founded. Today, respect for the environment is undoubtedly one of the most appreciated values in the market. The trend towards "plastic free" is increasingly widespread and companies are looking for new eco-friendly solutions for the use of recyclable packaging that has a lower environmental impact.

With Pixartprinting, you can create customised sustainable packaging for your products.

  1. Sustainable solutions: we produce cardboard packaging, a biodegradable material that is easy to dispose of and still allows us to offer resistant boxes and pouches printed in high definition. Our papers are FSC®-certified and come from forests protected by strict environmental, social and economic standards.
  2. Sustainable processes: during production, we are committed to using mainly water-based products and we recycle 83% of waste materials. We are also attentive to energy saving. In fact, at our factories we use the latest-generation systems for a lower environmental impact.

Create your sustainable packaging online in just a few clicks!

Pixartprinting is the ideal printing partner. You can configure your products online on our website, choosing your preferred customisation options. This allows you to create sustainable packaging that reflects your brand.
We offer lots of customisable solutions for the creation of your new cardboard packaging. Choose the ones that are right for you!

  • Promotional boxes, pillow boxes, hexagonal boxes, triangular cardboard boxes
  • Heavy-duty boxes, pull-out boxes or crash-lock boxes
  • Hanging boxes or windowed boxes
  • Flip lid promotional boxes and deluxe boxes
  • Snap-shut boxes

Also, there is a new section on our website dedicated to sustainable food packaging. You can find tray boxes, food containers, flip lid food boxes, deluxe food boxes and sandwich boxes.

Once you have selected the product, you can customise it by choosing the configuration options that are right for you. Remember to download the useful Template from the product page to follow the instructions from our graphic designers and set up your print file correctly. In any case, our Customer Support services will be ready to help you if you have any questions or special requests.

Help with your sustainable packaging?

The customisation and purchasing process is designed to be simple and intuitive but if you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact our Customer Support team.

Our experts are always available to help you and you can contact them by email, phone or via the convenient chat. They will be happy to assist you and clarify anything. If necessary, they will guide you through the process of creating and printing the product until the moment you receive your sustainable packaging.

Other sustainable products for your communication:

If you want to achieve sustainable communication, also take a look at:

These are just some of the products that you can find in our catalogue. We recommend browsing the whole site so you do not miss any products that might interest you!

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