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Honey Jar Labels  

Honey labels: choose a quality label for your jars  

Producing good Honey is undoubtedly not easy, and it certainly involves time and sacrifices. It is, therefore, suitable to reward your efforts and give your product the visibility it deserves. Your Honey may be the best of all, but to be appreciated, it needs to be noticed. There are many producers of Honey on the market, and there are different types of Honey, so it is fair to ask: why should a customer choose my product?  

The answer is quite simple: thanks to a quality Honey Label! Yes, that's right, there are several ways for people to learn about your product and for your brand to gain new buyers. If your Honey is delicious, sooner or later, it will be discovered. But as the cover judges a book, the label judges a product in the same way. 

Your Jar of Honey will have to compete with those of the competition and get noticed on the shelf or online. A personalized and well-designed Honey Label can help your product attract attention. The label is an excellent communication tool that you can use to give the consumer all the information he may need to get a quick idea of your product and evaluate the purchase. Describe the flavour of your Honey, tell about its qualities, talk about the production process, its sustainability. In short, make the most of the space at your disposal as you prefer and create your personalized Honey Label! 

Customize your Honey Label online  

On our site, you can find a wide range of Honey Labels, all customizable. You can then choose the format that best suits your Honey Jar and material in line with your brand. Remember that touch also wants its part and you can also communicate through the sensation that the Label arouses on the surface of the hand. 

How to create a Label for your Jar of Honey? 

The process of creating and printing Honey Labels is straightforward and fast. Just follow a few simple steps to place your order and receive your new labels directly to your home or office. 

  • Develop your idea of a label: think carefully about what you want to communicate and how. The label design will help you convey the information you want to the consumer. 

  • Choose the format and size of your Label: think carefully about the layout that best suits your Honey Jar. You can give shape to a Label with customized design and dimensions. 

  • Choose whether to apply an ennobling to the Label: you can highlight some graphics details, choosing the finish you prefer between gold or silver lamination and 3D paint. 

  • Choose the quantity to print: a more significant number of prints will allow you to save, but you can still start with a small number of Labels. We offer a professional printing service suitable for both small producers and large companies. 

  • Upload your graphic file: upload the graphic file of your Honey Label following the instructions on our template. The instructions will help you set up your file correctly. 

  • Indicate the delivery data and place your order: you can receive your new Honey Labels directly to your home with a fast and punctual shipment. 

What to do if you encounter difficulties during the purchasing process? The guided customization and purchase process is straightforward and takes just a few minutes. However, if you experience any problems or have doubts, do not hesitate to contact our assistance service! You can write us an e-mail, you can call us or write us in chat! 

Honey labels. The importance of quality 

The importance of quality for a Honey Label is fundamental! The quality and attention to detail of a Label communicate a lot about the product's value. This is why the label must be flawless. A product such as a Jar of Honey is usually not very large, and therefore very often, the writings could be small and difficult to read. In addition, your Honey Jars could be transported here and there and possibly subjected to various stressful conditions such as humidity and bad weather. Only a quality material would be able to resist until the moment of purchase. 

At Pixartprinting, "quality" is our watchword: we use only the best printing materials and technologies to always offer you a quality product at the best price. We always provide high definition printing and a careful selection of media to create unique Honey Labels. 

What information should you put on your Honey Label? 

The Label is an excellent opportunity to contact your customer. What would you tell him if you had a few seconds to convince him to try your Honey? On the Label's surface, you can print the name of the product and the company and the logo of the latter, together with all the promotional information aimed at guiding the consumer's choice.  

Furthermore, some mandatory information must be present on the Honey Jar Label, such as: 

  • Product name and production method: the origin of the Honey and its nature must be clear to the consumer. 

  • The quantity contained in the jar 

  • Place and date of production 

  • Information on the manufacturer: registered office and company name. 

  • Consumption deadline 

The Label is a sort of identity card of the product and its manufacturer. It is necessary to stay up to date on the rules concerning the essential information to be included. 

Our ideas for your Honey Jars 

On our site, you can find many products that can help your business. Many of our customers also choose to use a guarantee seal on their jars of Honey as proof of the integrity of the product. 

Consult our Packaging catalogue to find other products you might be interested in, such as hangtags or paper bags. They are all customizable with your graphics quickly and easily. 

What are you waiting for? Give jour jars of honey the labels they deserve!

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