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Labels for jams 

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How to create a label for jams? 

Making and printing labels for your jams and marmalades is quick and easy at Pixartprinting. Here are the few simple steps you will need to follow: 

  1. Choose the type of labels 
  2. Select the shape and size 
  3. Select the material you prefer 
  4. Specifies the number of labels to print 
  5. Upload the file to print and submit the order 
  6. Wait for your labels to be delivered to the address you indicated 

These few steps are designed to make the customization process streamlined and straightforward, but in the unfortunate event, you have some problem or just a doubt. Do not fear! 

Contact us at the telephone number dedicated to assistance or write to us in the convenient chat you find on the site!  

How to make a great jam label?   

There is no real rule on how to make the perfect label for marmalade or marmalade. What is certain is that it will have to capture the people's attention in front of the shelf. Therefore, it will have to be particular and stand out among the others. 

The design of the label depends a lot on the type of consumers it is aimed at! Here, then, that everything starts from a deep knowledge of our consumers. What do they like? What are they looking for in a product? What can I leverage to get their attention? These are the right questions to ask yourself to design the right label for your jams and marmalades. 

Here are some simple tips for making a label that works: 

Think about the font: The choice of the font is fundamental. Through the choice of the font, we communicate many things. Be careful not to be trivial but not to choose too elaborate fonts. 

Use images: Use high-quality images to show how your product is made, which fruits it comes from, etc. 

Choose the suitable material: select the right material for your label. The sensation of the touch can communicate so much about a product. 

Choose colours wellWhen used well, colour can be an important tool to influence decisions, impressions and moods regarding the product. delve into the psychology of colour before designing your label. 

Simple and straightforward design: don't overcomplicate your label, don't overload it with information, remember that empty spaces are just as important as writing! 

Study the Competition: What Does the Competition Offer? How can I manage to differentiate myself? Create labels of particular shapes or apply particular processes to them to distinguish yourself from those of the competition. 

Organize your information according to a visual hierarchy: Think about how customer information will be displayed. What information do you want them to see first?  

Lamination and Ennobling of your labels for jams 

Have you chosen shapes and materials for your new custom labels? At this point, if you want, you can further embellish your labels through special finishes, which will allow you to add further protection to the printing surface. The Labellife3 scratch-resistant painting is perfect for protecting the adhesive from stress situations typical of the product storage and distribution processes. The glossy or matte lamination, on the other hand, makes the surface of the label pleasant to the eye and to the touch, and helps protect the print.    

Through the Ennobling, on the other hand, you can give a further touch of elegance to your Labels for jams and marmalades. With the 3D varnish, you can embellish the label with a particular relief effect, making the surface pleasant to the eye and touch. Finally, gold or silver lamination can be used to highlight some graphics details, giving them a metallic gold or silver appearance.       

Labels for jams: the customization of the reel 

With Pixartprinting, you can print your own labels for jams and marmalades in Rolls. This will allow you to have your labels ready for use in your production machinery.  

You can also customize the reel on which to print your labels by choosing the direction of output of the labels on the belt, the distance between them and the diameter of the reel insideYou can also select the division of the reels and the height of each reel.    

Labels for jams | What else can you need ...  

To pack your jams and marmalades, on our site you will have a wide choice of packaging. For example, you could combine the jar with a box containing it to give a different look to your product.  

If you want to advertise your business, our flyers and business cards are availableDo you want to advertise your jams and marmalades at an event? Then perhaps our counter displays and our advertising flags may be useful for you to mark your stand.  

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