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Labels for jars | attracts the customer's attention 

Do you make jams, marmalades, or honey? Are you looking for a site where you can print the labels for your jars? Well, you found it. Pixartprinting is a highly specialized printing site that allows you to create fabulous jar labels and customize them as you like. 

The label, as you already know, is a fundamental element in the design of a product. Even more so, if your packaging consists of a glass jar, the label represents the only form of product personalization and the only place to communicate essential information. 

We must keep in mind that the product contained in the jar may also be the best in the world, but other factors induce the consumer to try it for the first time. Elements such as the label, the logo, the colours contribute to creating an idea in the consumer's mind of how that product could be, and it will be this idea to induce the purchase or not

Are you ready to create your own jar labels?  

How to create your labels for jars and cans?  

Making labels for jars on our site is easier than you think in a short time, and following a few simple steps, you will be guided through the creation of your labels. 

Here are the steps: 

  • Select the type of label from the various available 
  • Specify the shapes and sizes of the labels 
  • Select the material to be used and any processing to apply to it 
  • Specify the number of labels needed 
  • Upload the graphics to be printed on the labels 
  • Enter the shipping address and payment details 

All done! Simple, isn't it? And remember, if at any time you need assistance, you can contact us via chat, email, or call us. 

Do not hesitate to contact us for problems, doubts, or special requests; we will do everything to help you. 

How to project the label of my jar? What information should it contain? 

There are no precise rules to make labels for jars/cans. Still, everything starts with a good dose of study and asking yourself some valuable questions before designing the labels for your product. 

1) What type of product do I sell? This is one of the first questions to ask, and it is not as trivial as it seems. Do I sell food or cosmetic product? Does the product need any particular indication on the label? Is there any allergen inside that I need to indicate? Any indication I need to give to consumers? Based on these answers, we already get some vital information. 

2)   Who are my target customers? What do my potential customers expect from this product? What do they expect to find on my product jar? What do they like, and what can I leverage to pique their interest? 

3)   What are the strengths of my product? What can I highlight and display on my jar label that people like? What are the strong points? 

4)   How is the competition moving? How are the labels of my competitors? Do I want to create something in line with the competition or to diverge and stand out? 

5)   What feeling do I want to communicate with my label? A sense of craftsmanship, of luxury? 

Once you have answered these questions, you will have a slightly more precise idea of what you want from your label and how to make it. 

Labels for jars | High quality at a great price  

Two elements are fundamental in a jar label: resistance and print quality. 

Think about it; whether you sell your jars online or they are sold in a store, they are likely to pass from hand to hand, from box to box, before ending up in the hands of the final consumer. Therefore, it is important that the labels are durable and that they can withstand all the conditions they might encounter: humidity, heat, etc ... 

Another fundamental element is then the print quality, in addition to an aesthetic aspect of the label, it also affects the readability of the contents inserted on the label, which will probably be of reduced size. 

Here at Pixartprinting we only use the best printing technologies and the best materials to guarantee the resistance and quality of our products, so you will have nothing to fear. 

The use of the best technologies also allows us to obtain the best results and reduce costs. This is why, despite the high quality of our products, the price remains super competitive.  

Labels for jars and much more that can be useful to you 

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Adhesive labels on a roll with the possibility of special finishing: 3D paint, gold lamination and silver lamination. 100% customizable.

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Fully customizable shiny adhesive labels with mirror effect, arranged on a roll and ready to be used. 

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