Making a poster has never been easier and faster. Create posters and playbills in minutes, send them to print and receive them at home within a few days, ready to hang!

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Make your own posters 

Make your own poster

How to make a poster with Pixartprinting

A poster is more than just wall art. A poster can be motivational, to stimulate employees in the workplace, a poster can be used for advertising or promotional purposes or it can be a great gift idea for a special birthday. It can be a way to show off a photo or decorate a home or business.

Posters have been around for a very long time and have never gone out of style. If you want to create original personalised posters for a special occasion, you can do it in just a few clicks with us.

But how do you make your own poster with Pixartprinting? On this page, you will find everything you might need to create a poster and some tips on how to do it better!

How to make custom wall posters

The first step is to choose the model that's right for you! We have different types of products available to choose from. Some are better suited for making high-quality photo posters, while others are more suitable for making advertising posters.

Decide which type of poster to use then customise it your way.

Find out how to make posters with Pixartprinting and start creating your own now!

Look on our website and compare the different products. Choose the poster or playbill model you prefer and create your poster by selecting the various customisation options, such as paper type and size.

Get creative and create your poster design. If you already have the artwork, just upload it to us. If not, you can create it on our website or by contact our graphic designers.

When your poster is ready, all you have to do is confirm and submit your order to have it printed and delivered to your home, ready to hang or give as a gift.

Why create posters with Pixartprinting?

With us, you can create not only posters but many other products to use for your offline marketing activities or even for your own personal use: flyers, brochures, business cards, packaging, as well as greeting cards, gift vouchers, personalised mugs, T-shirts and much more. Everything printable and customisable can be found in our catalogue!

You can simply use your imagination and take advantage of the many designs available.

How to make an original poster

To create an original poster, you have to make sure that it is linked to a moment, a feeling, an event, a special person or whatever you prefer. That way, you will always know that your poster is unique and that there is no copy anywhere else.

Create and print in a few clicks

Thanks to Pixartprinting, making a poster has never been easier. Print it in the format you prefer and on the paper that suits you best: after personalising it, send it to print and you will receive it at home in no time!

During the customisation process, you can also choose whether to frame your poster in a frame available in different colours!

How to make an event poster

When creating a poster for an event, remember that some elements must be included, such as:

  1. The name of the event
  2. The date of the event
  3. The start time of the event
  4. The line-up or groups, DJs or speakers (if any)
  5. The name of the location – always specify the address as well
  6. Contact details, which can be a website, a dedicated Facebook page or your phone number.

Also, to make a poster for successful events, make sure that you can convey the mood of that event through the careful choice of shapes, images and colours. Remember that different colours have different meanings and can communicate on a subconscious level.

Advertising SignsCorporate Brochure

Classic Poster


Classic customisable posters in the format of your choice with the possibility of framing. Suitable for decorating the home or as a gift to a friend

Customisable posters with very high-quality printing on photo paper. Suitable for large prints to decorate a home or a room


High-quality Posters

Personalised posters in billboard format: versatile and cheap, suitable for posting on all surfaces for promotional purposes


Billboard format

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