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Print your newspaper or newsletter online

Print your newspaper or newsletter online 

Do you need to print a newsletter or another type of formatted document? Do you want to produce a publishing project but don't know how? Don't worry, we will guide you step by step as you create your bound products, quickly and easily. With Pixartprinting, you can print your corporate newsletter or magazine in just a few clicks, choosing your preferred customisation options and enjoying a high-quality print. We offer four different types of binding for your publications, several types of paper and a customisable format based on your requirements. Choose your binding, configure the product on the page and place your order. Your new custom newsletters or magazines will be sent directly to your office with fast shipping.   

Our printing service is suitable for both small and large companies, and we work in close contact with professionals from all sectors every day. Discover our excellent value for money! 

How to print your newspaper online 

It only takes a few simple clicks to print your newspaper online. First, you can select the type of binding that you want. You can choose from stapled binding, perfect or sewn binding and wire-o binding. Then, on the product page, select the configuration options, such as the formatdimensionsorientationpaper typepaperweight and lamination. Finally, enter the number of pages and how many copies you want to print.  

You can also download a file containing instructions from our graphic designers on the product page. It will help you to set up your artwork, based on the options you selected. Once you have placed your order, your new corporate newsletters or magazines will be delivered straight to your office.  

The best type of binding for your newspaper 

We offer various solutions for printing and binding corporate newsletters and magazines. Each has certain properties that will make the final product unique. What is the best type of binding for your newsletter? Find out with us: 

  • Staple-bound newspaper: this type of binding involves inserting staples into the spine of your newsletter to make the end product easy to flick through and give it a clean design. 

  • Perfect bound newspaper: this involves using special glue to create publishing products with a large number of pages, which are therefore thicker. It is a resistant and elegant binding method.  

  • Wire-o bound newspaper: wire-o binding is the ideal solution for products that will be used frequently. It is the most striking of the bindings listed but it is convenient and easy to use.  

  • Sewn bound newspaper: sewn binding is the most elegant, resistant and professional option. The technique involves sewing and gluing the pages. 

For frequent newspaper printing  
For the periodic printing of your corporate newspaper or magazine, you will need a practical and efficient printing service. Pixartprinting is the ideal printing partner for companies and professionals that want a convenient way to print their projects.

Our service is based on the requirements of customers who want the best result with minimal use of time and resources.  

If you have any questions or specific requests during your purchase, you can count on our Customer Support team. Our experienced advisors will be ready to give you the help you need.  

Accurate printing of your newspaper 

In order for your newspaper printing to run smoothly, your artwork needs to be set up correctly. Make sure that you follow the instructions you will find on the useful downloadable template on the product page. In any case, to avoid any potential mistakes, each file is checked using automatic software. This basic check verifies the file dimensions, the fonts, the number of pages and the colour profile. 

For an enhanced file check, you can select the 'PRO File Check & Fix' option. Your file will then be checked personally by an expert who will detect any errors or issues. This will give you the certainty that your printed newspaper will look professional. Here is a detailed list of the checks that the graphic designer will carry out and any subsequent changes they will make: 

  • Check that the resolution is not less than 70 dpi  
  • Check for white spaces due to overprinting and correct them 
  • Check the graphics and safety margins 
  • Check the distance of graphics from the edge 
  • Check the orientation of the front and back 
  • Check the pdf for magazines and catalogues: spine dimensions, cover file  
  • Check the layout of graphics in the event of folds 

Corporate newsletters, magazines and house organs 

corporate magazine, also called a house organ, is a communication tool used by companies, organisations and corporations to increase brand awareness, strengthen employees' sense of belonging and improve their brand reputation. It can be used internally, published periodically and distributed to employees and collaborators, or externally to promote the brand and any corporate activities.  

When aimed at employees, a corporate newsletter can promote internal initiatives, partnerships, company objectives and the strategies to achieve them. When aimed at customers or prospects, on the other hand, it can describe products and services, the company history or detail social initiatives.  

Print your newsletter and other products for your communications 

In our online catalogue, you can find a wide range of customisable products that can be printed for your communications. We recommend the classic business cards, in several formats and materials, our custom calendars and a variety of small-format products such as flyers, leaflets and posters. 

Find the right ones for you and promote your activities quickly and easily! 

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