Print beautiful booklets for your wedding mass    

Make personalized order of service booklets to guide your guests through the ceremony. Insert the songs, readings and wedding vows in a personalized and themed booklet with your wedding 

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Order of service wedding booklets

Create beautiful wedding order of service booklets

The order of service booklets for a wedding are indispensable during the religious service. But what exactly are they? 

The order of service booklet is nothing more than a simple booklet where the liturgy that will be celebrated during the wedding in a church is transcribed inside. It allows guests to follow the ceremony more easily and take part in it more actively.     

The booklet contains all the marriage passages, including songs and readings, so that the faithful always know at which point they are in the liturgy. 

On our site, you can print these little books in a simple and very cheap way, having the possibility to customize every aspect. You can then distribute them before the wedding begins or, even better, have them already found on every seat. 

Do you want to create your order of service booklets? We will explain immediately how to do it 

But before starting, let us give you some advice: the liturgies are not always all the same, in some cases, some parts may be omitted to lighten the ceremony. Consult the parish priest who will celebrate your wedding and let them tell you which parts the religious rite will include. It will be easier to know what to enter and to avoid entering something that will then be omitted.   

How to create an order of service booklet?   

If you think that online printing is something complicated, you are wrong! Nothing simpler. It will be just like printing at home, with the difference that you have many more customization options available and you can comfortably receive your prints at home in a short time. 

What you will need to do to get your wedding mass booklets will be this: 

1)   Choose the type of booklet that's right for you from those available. 

2)   Choose the size. 

3)   Choose the type of paper to use. 

4)   Decide whether or not to laminate the pages. 

5)   Specifies the number of copies to print. 

6)   Upload the graphic file to print. 

7)   Place the order. 

Once this is done, all you have to do is wait for delivery to the address specified by you, within a few days.  

Tips for the design of the wedding mass booklet 

With Pixartprinting, the creative possibilities are truly endless. Your tastes will mostly define the final design of the booklet, but keep a few things in mind! 

Does the ceremony have a theme? In that case, you will have to bring the theme also in the order of service booklet by printing the cover or the edges of the pages. How do you want your booklet to look a little "vintage? Then we recommend that you choose a coarser paper with a heavyweight in that case. 

For the cover we advise you to keep it sober, it is still a mass booklet, but nothing prevents you from inserting a small photo of the couple and their names on the cover. 

Remember to include information about the restaurant at the end of the booklet.  

Order of service booklets and other items for your  wedding. 

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Stapled Binding

The simplest type of binding. It involves the use of two simple metal staples to join the sheets to the cover. Easy, fast and cheap.

  • Rapid

  • Low cost

  • For a low number of pages

Suitable for thick publications, it requires the use of a special glue to join the pages to the cover. The paperback can be glued or stitched.

  • Resistant

  • Elegant

  • For a high number of pages

Perfect Binding

Fast and effective, it uses a spiral with a cylindrical section, inside which the sheets and the cover are inserted after drilling.

  • Rapid

  • Effective

  • Versatile

Wire-o Binding

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Stapled binding

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