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Prosecco labels

Prosecco labels | create the perfect label.

Are you looking for a strategic partner for the printing of your Prosecco labels ? Pixartprinting is the right company for you. Pioneers in this sector with decades of experience behind us, we know how to satisfy our customers.  

We know how important the label is, especially how important it is on a bottle of Prosecco. This is why we offer our customers many possibilities to create and customize their labels for Prosecco bottles. 

Choose from the best materials, customize sizes and shapes, choose from different types of processing to highlight your labels. 

Are you ready to create your Prosecco labels? We explain how to do it ... 

Prosecco labels | how to print your own 

Making prosecco labels on the Pixartprinting website is really very easy. In a short time and following a few simple steps, you will be guided through the creation of your labels. 

Here are the steps: 

  • Select the type of label among those available to you 
  • Specify the shape and size of the labels on your prosecco bottles 
  • Select the most suitable material and any processing to be applied 
  • Specify the number of labels you need 
  • Upload the graphics to print on your labels 
  • Enter the shipping address and payment details 

If you decide to print the labels on the reel, you can also customize some aspects of the reel on which the labels are printed: 

  • Inner diameter of the reel core 
  • The direction of exit of the labels 
  • The distance between each label 
  • The subdivision of the reel into smaller-sized reels 

The whole process is simpler than it looks and takes no more than 5 minutes. Also remember that if you need assistance, you can contact us via chat, e-mail or call us. Do not hesitate to contact us for problems, doubts or special requests regarding your prosecco labels, we will do everything to help you! 

How to design the label of a prosecco? 

Think about the last time you went to buy a bottle of wine: maybe it was for you and your girlfriend or perhaps it was a Christmas present or a bottle to take to dinner with friends. Do you remember what guided your choice among the certainly many bottles that you found yourself in front of? Like the great majority of consumers, you will have started your analysis with some quick and straightforward information: red or white wine, country and region of origin and price. By now you are probably left with three or four bottles in hand. At this point, it is impossible to deny that the choice was mainly guided by a final factor, the label and every sensation transmitted by it.    

How then to create a label that is effective in persuading consumers? Here are some tips: 

  • Know yourself and your audience better: What is the story of your prosecco? While a centenary vineyard may want to tell potential customers its historicity, a new prosecco producer may want to sell to a younger, more adventurous and more open to new clientele. Take advantage of every detail of your bottle and label to tell your story or to communicate your innovative spirit.
  • Colours: The first step in choosing colour palettes for your prosecco label is to make sure it looks good on the bottle in which the wine will be sold. So think carefully what color the bottle will have, what shades the wine will have and choose a colour palette that goes well with those colours. Red wines traditionally follow dark and deep colour combinations that create a moody feeling or have a white-toned label with rich colours (deep red, blue or gold). Sparkling wine labels, on the other hand, are often dominated by whites, gold and pinks. Nobody stops you from breaking away from traditional schemes and trying more daring palettes, it can be a winning strategy, you know your audience and you know what you can and cannot dare. 
  • Fonts: Always make sure that the fonts on the label of your prosecco are easily legible. If you choose a dark-toned label, make sure the font is strong enough to contrast with the background. The font you choose for your label will tell the consumer a lot about what he will uncork. A font like colors and images can communicate both historicity and innovation.    
  • The images and the style: the image is perhaps one of the main elements to capture attention. The most popular styles tend to fall into a couple of categories: elegant, bold and modern, minimalist or classic/traditional. Based on these, your images will change. Choose your style and your images based on the personality of your wine and your drinkers. Do you sell to an older and more sophisticated audience? You may want to stay traditional. Do you sell to millennial audiences? Maybe you are better off with something modern.   

A more classic design could be a hand drawing of a bunch of grapes or a vineyard. At the same time, a more modern image could represent more varied made in bold styles or abstract designs. 

What information should the label of a prosecco contain? 

The label of a prosecco usually consists of a front and a back. While the front is usually used for label graphics and style elements, the back communicates essential wine information. 

What information must be included on a prosecco label? 

  • The name of the wine: understood as the name of the specific region or geographical area (example: Barolo, Chianti, Orvieto, Sicily etc ...), followed below by the initials of the Italian classification: (ex. DOC) 
  • The name, company name and seat of the bottler 
  • The alcohol content: expressed as a percentage of volume (e.g. 12 + 2% vol.) 
  • Quantity of the product: expressed in litres, centilitres or millilitres.
  • Lot of belonging of the wine and date of bottling. 
  • The wording "Contains Sulphites " must always be present  

What other products could you need   besides the labels for your prosecco? 

If you are a prosecco producer, then you may also find other products in our catalogue useful. For example, look at the various packaging offers for wine bottles, such as: bottle boxescases or bags. 

Do you want to promote your Prosecco at an event? Build your stand with us: Look at our trade fair exhibitors, our promotional desks, or our flags. Do you want to print promotional material to better describe your Prosecco to your customers? In the " small format " section you will find everything you need! 

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