Print your portfolio online at the highest quality

Create a professional, high-quality portfolio and print your photos in high definition. Discover the options for printing your photography portfolio.    

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Photography portfolio 

Print your photography portfolio online

Print your photography portfolio online  

portfolio printed on paper in high quality with a customised hardback cover is a portfolio that is a joy to look at, touch and flick through.   

You probably already have an online portfolio but wouldn't you like to have the pleasure of flicking through a real portfolio? A photography portfolio is a presentation of your work, your efforts and your sacrifices, so making one should result in the person looking at it understanding your talent and experience.  

Our binding and printing service gives you the certainty that your business and work will be presented in the best possible way, producing a fantastic photography portfolio. 

Choose the highest print quality   

When creating a photography portfolio, the print quality is absolutely fundamental. By entrusting your portfolio printing to Pixartprinting, you can rely on the best printing experts, your photos will be printed in high quality with colour fidelity and on a resistant and safe material.  

Customise your portfolio     

A portfolio, and particularly a photography portfolio, whether of fashion or architecture, should be a beautiful item in all aspects – nothing can be left to chance. With Pixartprinting, you can create a beautiful item to hold the pieces you want to present, choose the type of binding, cover and customise it, choose the paper weight of the pages and the size of the portfolio. You can also choose to add a special finish to the cover, which will highlight certain details of your choice with an embossed finish.    

As you will have gathered, there are tons of possibilities – decide on the look you want for your new photography portfolio and start making it.

How to make a beautiful portfolio   

There are lots of ways to create a beautiful photography portfolio – it all depends on what you want to convey with its look. Our personal advice to make it look as professional as possible is to opt for sewn binding (which is definitely the most elegant), a hardback cover, inside pages made from paper with a high weight and add a special finish to the cover to emboss certain details. It could be just a word like your name, a logo or a small detail but it could make all the difference in the end.  

This is our advice but there are obviously other ways to create a beautiful portfolio. Many people use wire-o binding because it makes the portfolio easier to flick through, which is very useful if you plan to add photos in portrait so you would have to turn the portfolio around.  

Others prefer perfect binding or stapled binding, especially when creating a fashion photography portfolio when you want it to look a bit like a printed magazine or tabloid.  

Print your photography portfolio   

Hopefully you'll have realised that if you need to print a portfolio, you're in the right place. There are loads of options available – play around and find the right formula for you! Remember, if you have any problems or special requests that go beyond the "standard" customisation options, you can ask our Customer Support team for advice. They are available seven days a week! Call 020 3871 8720, email or use the chat that you can find in the bottom right of each page.   

Now you have no more excuses – show your worth and print your portfolio!  

The simplest type of Binding. It involves the use of two simple metal staples to join the sheets to the cover. Easy, fast and cheap.

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 Staple binding

Suitable for thick publications, it involves the use of a special glue to join the pages to the cover. The paperback can be glued (corrugated) or sewn.

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Perfect Binding

 Fast and effective, it involves the use of a spiral with a cylindrical section, inside which the sheets and the cover are inserted after punching.

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Spiral binding

The flexible cover is perfect for the publication of guides, catalogues, or any publication aiming to be practical, handy and easily transportable.

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 Paperback books

 Hardcover books

The hard cover gives more resistance to your publication and allows it to last longer over time. It can therefore be more suitable for publications intended for intensive use.

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