Here are the rules for creating the perfect packaging for your product!

Several factors influence the effectiveness of product packaging. Here we summarise the main ones so that you too can design the packaging of your products.  


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What is the packaging of a product for? 

Did you know that the first product to have packaging was soap back in the 19th century? 

Packaging was invented by an American, Benjamin Babbit, who created this type of packaging to sell soap in pieces of the same size, while previously, it was sold by weight. 

The packaging consisted of a plain, printed card. The American sensed the enormous advantage of product packaging, and for this reason, he was successful. 

Within a few years, packaging became something synergistic with the sale of the product itself. In addition to functioning as a container and product protection, it offered an excellent promotional and persuasive tool capable of highlighting a product's strengths. And to induce the customer to purchase  

After all, the packaging is the garment of our product, and if it is of quality and inviting, it also becomes what is underneath! 

The rules for good product packaging 

Creating packaging is not always that simple; there are some rules to follow to proceed in the right direction. We at packaging have seen this over the years. Here are some valuable tips to better design yours. 

There is no golden rule in designing the packaging of a product, but, if anything, there are questions to be answered!

  • What product do I sell? The first fundamental analysis undoubtedly starts from the treated product: what do I sell? Which shape does it have? What features does it need? These are the first answers to look for. 

  • Who are your potential customers? Who is our audience, and what are their needs? This is the fundamental question to ask when designing a successful box. Do I make a vegan product? So better think about bio-degradable packaging because my customers will undoubtedly be very attentive to that aspect. 

  • What sensations do you want to evoke? What feelings do you want to convey to your customers when they pick up your product? What trends can you leverage? The sympathy? A sense of sustainability? Luxury? By playing with materials, colours, types of paper and graphics, you can significantly change the feeling communicated by your packaging. 

  • What are your brand values? Do you already have a well-established brand? Did specific colours and shapes maybe characterize you? Think carefully about this when developing your packaging. Do not stray too far from the already established brand image; otherwise, the new product may not be associated with your brand in the consumer's mind. 

  • What are my competitors doing? Analyzing the competition is an essential element both to align with what may be the must-haves of the sector and to jump out of the box to differentiate from the common. 


Fast and safe product packaging 

Packaging is not a simple thing, but Pixartprinting certainly makes it more accessible. Creating product packaging on our site is the simplest thing in the world. 

A few simple steps and a few minutes separate you from the perfect packaging for your product. Please select the box type, specify its dimensions, select the cardboard to be used and any processing on the latter, specify the number of packages required and submit your order.

Simple, isn't it? And remember, if you have a problem or doubt, contact us at any time, we are here for you! 

Pixartprinting ensures that you receive the product you want smoothly. A series of software checks are performed on the file loaded for printing to ensure the absence of errors. If this is not enough for you and you want additional security, you can check the "check with an operator" option at the time of purchase; an operator will perform the following checks on your file: 

- Check that the resolution is not lower than 70 dpi 

- Check for any overprinting whites and their correction 

- Graphic check on safety margins 

- Check the distance of the graphic elements from the edge 

- Check the orientation of the front and back 

- Verification of the pdf for magazines and catalogues: (spine size, cover)

- Check the correct graphic setting in case of creases 

Why choose Pixartprinting for your packaging? 

Why choose Pixartprinting for your product packaging? These are some of our strengths. 

Quality: One of the main reasons for deciding to print with Pixartprinting is undoubtedly quality. We only use the best materials and the best printing technologies to guarantee an impeccable result. 

Assistance: Another excellent strength for choosing our company for printing your product packaging is our unbeatable assistance. We know well that the activities that rely on us for their packaging depend on our work. And it is also for this reason that our assistance is always active and ready to help those who need it. 

Choice: Another feature that distinguishes us is the wide choice of products offered. You can find everything your business needs in print and rely on a single supplier for your offline communication. 

The price: Another great advantage of printing online via Pixartprinting is the very competitive price. Especially in large quantities 

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