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Ring boxes | The importance of the proper packaging

Of all the kinds of products, jewellery is a world in which the box has greater importance, especially about rings. 

In the world of jewellery and rings in particular, the experience of the so-called "unboxing" is fundamental; that brief moment before seeing the jewel with one's own eyes is full of emotions and expectations. We don't want to ruin it with the wrong box, do we? 

Create the perfect box for your rings thanks to Pixartprinting; designing and customizing the excellent packaging is simple, and in a few minutes, you will be able to place your order. 

How to make your ring box? 

The creation and customization process is designed to be as fast and straightforward as possible. By staying on the same page, you can choose the product's main features and upload your custom graphics to be printed on the ring box. 

These are the steps: 

  1. Choose the type of box that best suits your product. 

  2. Define the dimensions of the box by specifying its base and depth 

  3. Choose the type of card to use 

  4. Choose whether to apply some finishing (3D paint, gold or silver lamination) 

  5. Specify the number of boxes you need 

  6. Upload your file 

  7. Send the order! 

Ring boxes | Rules for good packaging 

Designing packaging is by no means as trivial as one might think. How can we then create excellent boxes for our rings? Here are some valuable tips for applying to make a custom box. 

Eye-catcher: If you want your ring box to stand out from the crowd, you need to be eye-catching and striking at first glance.

It takes a few fractions of a second for someone to take an interest in an article, and at this juncture, the packaging plays a key role. 

The perfect box manages to capture attention thanks to a mix of factors such as colour, graphics and shape, but above all, the special box is the "different" one. 

So study the packaging of your competitors and offer something different. 

Create functional packaging: Don't think only of packaging as a communication tool but also focus on its practicality. For example, think of reusable packaging, and you will have created an added value for your product. 

Pay attention to the writings: If you put some on your box, make sure they are legible. The writings may be too small and therefore illegible in small packagings, such as that of a ring box. Print only what is necessary, but do it legibly! 

Involve the touch: It can be sight and touch that is striking; use the different materials at your disposal to communicate a pleasant tactile sensation. 

Show the product: In some cases, it might be a good idea to show the product using a window on the box. 

Use green materials: When designing our ring boxes, we cannot fail to consider sustainability as well. Consider the use of paper materials by limiting the use of plastic as much as possible. 

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 Let's start creating your ring boxes!

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