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Sandwich packaging 

The Best UK sandwich packaging  

Being able to sell takeaway food has become essential today, especially for some businesses such as Pubs shops and pizzerias. By offering the possibility of takeaway or delivery, it is possible to meet all customers needs, which can make a difference. The demand for Packaging for take-out, and in particular for Panini Boxes, is increasing. The Covid emergency and the recent restrictions have increased the food delivery market and the desire of people to consume their favourite dishes comfortably at home. Some of the changes that have taken place in consumer behaviour will also accompany us in the future and are therefore trends to which we must adapt.  

With Pixartprinting you have the possibility to print your new Packaging for Sandwiches or other dishes quickly and easily. We put at your disposal a wide range of boxes for sandwiches, fried and side dishes, some of which are also suitable for direct contact with food. Choose the model you like, customize it, upload your file and receive the product directly in the store!  

Customized Sandwich packaging    

Print fantastic Sandwich Boxes that protect your dishes and preserve their flavour. Excellent for takeaway and delivery, they are safe, printed in high definition with inks that are not harmful to health and 100% customizable. Some models are suitable for direct contact with food and are produced in oil and fat resistant cardboard: Food cases, Food buckets, and Food trays. Other models, such as the Takeaway boxes, are not suitable for direct contact with food but can be used with the aid of a simple protective casing. Inside the product page, you will find all the essential information for the use of each box.  

Made with high-quality materials, the Sandwich Boxes are very resistant and reliable. They are practical both during Packaging and during consumption of the product. They are in fact easy to handle and therefore allow you to consume the dish from the box without getting dirty. Finally, they are environmentally friendly because they are made of biodegradable and recyclable cardboard.      

A sustainable Sandwich Packaging    

One of the characteristics most sought after by our customers is the sustainability of the Packaging. In fact, with the growing consumption of takeaway dishes, it is unthinkable to create packages with a high impact on the environment. That's why most of our Sandwich Boxes are 100% recyclable.  

For their production, we use Delipac © cardboard, suitable for direct contact with food, safe, and resistant to grease, oil, and humidity. The Delipac © boxes can be conveniently placed in the freezer or heated in the microwave without the risk of altering their characteristics.  

Which box to choose for your sandwiches?  

Among the many boxes that you can find in our extensive catalogue, some are more suitable for containing dishes such as Panini. These, in fact, must be able to be consumed by the customer in total comfort even during a walk. The choice must be based on the type of consumption of your product by the customer. Will your sandwiches be eaten on the spot, perhaps during a street food event, or will they be eaten at home?  

In the case of on-site consumption, you can choose the food boxes, also perfect for take-out and delivery, the food boxes, and food trays. For your delivery service, however, we recommend convenient food cases.    

How to print your sandwich packaging  

A few simple steps and a few minutes of your time are what separates you from your new Panini Boxes!  

1) Select the box model you prefer  

2) Once on the product page, specify the size of the box  

3) Choose the type of cardboard to be used and the various processes to be applied to it  

4) Choose the number of copies you want to order  

5) Download the convenient template and place your order  

6) Set up your graphic file and upload it  

You will receive your new Panini Boxes directly in your shop with fast and punctual shipping.  

Our ideas for your sandwich packaging  

Within our website, you can find many products for your customized Packaging, in addition to Panini Boxes. Take a look at our Paper Bags and Adhesive LabelsThey will help you complete your packs and decorate your Packaging.    

Furthermore, our category dedicated to Catering contains a wide range of solutions for bars and restaurants. Discover them all!

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