Create suitable packaging for your takeaway dishes.

Takeaway boxes are one of the most used types of packaging, especially in recent years, thanks to the food delivery revolution and the pandemic period. Let's find out together how to make your takeaway packaging 

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Create awesome takeaway packaging  

Features of takeaway packaging 

The takeaway packaging must have some essential but straightforward characteristics to respond to the customer's specific needs, who are increasingly demanding and attentive. 

In particular, the most sought after qualities now concern such as environmental impact, cleanliness, and quality. 

So what are the main characteristics that a takeaway packaging must-have? 

Resistance: One of the first qualities is certainly resistance. The boxes must contain any food and therefore resist heat, grease and weight, avoiding unpleasant surprises by breaking in transport. 

Specificity: Each type of food has its characteristics and shapes. Being able to provide a specific box for each dish is undoubtedly an added value. 

Eco-sustainability: One of the main qualities that the takeaway packaging absolutely must have is sustainability. Therefore avoid plastics and prefer paper. 

Quality: If you decide to customize your takeaway boxes, you have to do it correctly. The quality of the prints must be impeccable, think for example, of the packages of the leading fast-food restaurants! We will indeed not find grainy or out of place images on their packaging. 

Why choose Pixartprinting for your takeaway packaging? 

There are several sites from which you can print your customized takeaway packaging. Why buy from Pixartprinting? 

Pixartprinting is a leading company in the world of digital printing in Italy and Europe; we know the needs of our customers very well and have been able to satisfy them for years. 

Quality: One of the main reasons for choosing Pixartprinting is undoubtedly quality. Customer satisfaction drives us, and that is why we only use the best materials and the best printing technologies to guarantee an impeccable result. 

Assistance: Another strength for which to choose Our company for printing your takeaway packaging is assistance. We are well aware that other businesses that rely on us for their packaging depend on our work. And it is also for this reason that our assistance is always active and ready to provide support to whoever needs it. 

Choice: Another feature that distinguishes us is the wide choice of products offered. You can find everything your business needs in print and rely on a single supplier for your offline communication. Browse our catalogue and discover all the types of packaging offered and much more.

Design services: If you don't have a graphic file for your takeaway boxes, you can rely on our experts. Yes, because Pixartprinting offers the possibility not only to print your products but also to design them.

The price: Another great advantage of printing online via Pixartprinting is the highly competitive price.

How to create your boxes online?  

Making your packaging takeaways on Pixartprinting is easy and immediate. 

  • Select the type of takeaway box that best suits your product: sandwich box, food buckets, food trays, etc. 

  • Choose the size of your box by specifying the base and depth. 

  • Download the handy template and upload the graphic file to be printed on your takeaway packaging 

With a few quick steps, you can make your takeaway box. You can also customize it with your ad hoc graphics to show the colours of your brand. We take care of printing and delivery.  

What if there is a problem? Do not worry about any doubts or difficulties, do not hesitate to contact assistance; via chat, e-mail or by calling us.

Other you might need for your takeaway service 

Browsing through our product catalogue, you may find more that can be useful for your takeaway service. First of all, make sure to take a look at our section dedicated to packaging: a product very often sold together with the boxes are paper bags, for example, with which to deliver the boxed product to the customer, or guarantee seals to guarantee sealing and inviolability of the box or even simple flyers and leaflets to be inserted in the customer's bags with menus and perhaps discount codes for a future purchase. 

In short, the choice is yours! With Pixartprinting, you can create and brand all the packaging and material you need. 

let's create some awesome takeaway packaging together!

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