Create beautiful thank you cards for your customers  

Writing a thank you card for your customers is a great way to show how much you care about them. Create and print your professional thank you cards for your customers to find along with their purchases.

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Thank you for your order cards: The importance of small gestures!

The customers of a store, be it physical or online, are its lifeblood; this thing, however banal and obvious it may seem, is to always keep in mind! Our customers are the people who have trusted us and decided to buy our products because they believe that our efforts and sacrifices have created quality products or services that they can enjoy. 

Therefore, it is right to thank our customers, especially if our business has just started and those customers are the first to trust us. Thank you for your order card to be delivered to our customers can be an excellent idea to thank them. 

What is a ticket? A temporary object, a tiny gesture, but full of enormous meaning. With a small gesture like this, we can make our customers understand that they are not just a number, not just a source of income, but are instead the reason why we exist, the primary recipients of our efforts. 

What to write in a thank you card for customers? 

Knowing what to write is not always easy, but the important thing is that it remains a sincere and straightforward message. The type of language will depend on your clientele. You know how nice and casual you can be in thanksgiving or not. 

We have collected some phrases for your thank you for your order card, some more casual, some more formal. Here are some to inspire you: 

1) We are honored to have you among our customers. Thank you for placing your trust in us; we will not disappoint you. 

2) Thank you for allowing us to grow, promote and carry out a project that was a simple idea. Without clients like you, it would have remained a dream. A thousand thanks! 

3) Thank you for choosing us and for trusting us. 

4) On behalf of the whole company, we thank you for choosing us and for becoming part of our family. Thank you with all my heart! I hope our products satisfy you.

5) Together with our team of professionals, we are committed to meeting your every need. Thank you for your trust. 

How to print my thank you for your order card? 

Creating and printing tickets is very simple; you simply have to choose the shape and size of the ticket, select the type of paper and its weight, and specify the number of copies you need. Once this is done, you can upload the file to be printed on the ticket and submit the order. Within a few days, you will see the tickets delivered to the address you provided. 

If you have any problems, remember that you can contact us for assistance. Call us, write us an e-mail, or contact us using the convenient chat!  

A great thank you for your order card deserves an envelope! 

The Greeting Card is a beautiful gesture for your customers but it cannot simply be left inside the product box otherwise, it risks getting damaged. To appear even more professional, you can insert the card inside an envelope so that it is more protected and immediately jumps to the customer's attention during unboxing. You could then seal the envelope with a logo sticker Customize with your business logo to seal the envelope and brand it. 

Thank you for your order card and many other things you may need! 

If the above sounds like an excellent idea to you, you can find everything you need on our site. Here you can find our envelopeswhere to insert the purchase thank you card. On this page, you can create logo stickers to seal the bags. 

Do you have an e-commerce store? Then take a look at our packaging sectionwhere you can find convenient e-commerce boxes for shipments of your products. 

Classic, evergreen, flyers. Cheap and effective. You can customize them as you like: custom size, eleven types of paper and the possibility of lamination. Ideal for your thank you for your order card.


Original brochures customizable with your graphics, from 4 to 36 pages. Customizable format, nine types of paper and possibility of lamination. With more space available, they are ideal for thank you cards that include promotions.

Folded flyers

Timeless personalized paper business cards, with many types of paper and format of your choice. With lamination. Ideal for minimal thank you cards.


Beautiful personalized cards and invitations, with your choice of size and 11 types of paper available. Also plasticizable.


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