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Personalized water bottle labels

Water bottle labels | The importance of the label in the bottles  

A product like a bottle of water may appear so simple, but it is often, for this reason, challenging to value compared to the competition.   

Water is in fact a product called "Commodity", that is, a product that in the eyes of the consumer, is indifferent regardless of the brand. 

The water market is characterized by solid competitive pressure that tends to push prices down, it is, therefore, necessary to be able to stand out on other bases to be able to enhance the peculiarities of one's water.   

Here, then, that various factors come into play, such as, for example, the appearance of our bottle, the "style" we give it, in other words, the label. 

Creating an attractive label manages to influence consumers and induce them to consume, after all, for the same product and perhaps the price. Why not choose the most beautiful bottle?  

How to create your water bottle    labels?  

Creating your water bottle labels is very simple. You will have to follow a few simple steps to get the label and submit the order. 

Choose the type of label you prefer, choose the various customization elements, such as shape, size, etc. 

Choose the type of cut you want to applythe number of labels to be printed, and, if you decide to print the labels on a reel. Choose how you want the reel that will contain your tags to be. 

Now you have to download the handy template that will help you set up the print file, and once done, you can upload it and submit the order. 

The process is much more straightforward than it looks and will take no more than 10 minutes. Now let's look at the customization elements in more detail ...   

Water bottle labels | elements of   personalization 

Thanks to the wide range of Pixartprinting, you can produce water bottle labels according to your ideas. You can customize all the factors that make up a label and then create the perfect one for you! 

  1. Format: Make the most of your creativity. You can use custom format and die-cut and create any figure you want for your water labels. However, three predefined formats can be selected: circular, square, and rectangular. 

  1. Material: You can decide among many possibilities! Each material has its particularities so unlike the use that will have to be made of it, the material will also change. If you want to know the details of each material, press on the blue "i" next to the selector to get more information on that particular material. In the case of a water label, the most suitable material could be natural white paper (ideal for glass) or classic coated paper (recommended more for plastic). 

  1. Finishes: Choose the finishes of your water label: scratch-resistant finish, glossy lamination or matte lamination. 

  1. Ennobling: Make your water labels unique with an embossing: gold, silver, or 3D varnish 

  1. Coil exit direction: You can choose between four possibilities: 0 °, 90 °, 180 ° or -90 °. 

  1. Distance between labels in the reelChoose the space between the different labels. The minimum space between the labels is 0.8 cm. 

  1. The inner diameter of the coilChoose the inner diameter of the coil, usually set at 76mm. 

  1. Roll division: You can also decide the number of rolls to print your labels and their height. 

  1. Label cutting mode: You can choose the half-cutting die that allows you to cut only the adhesive material and not the support on which it is placed in order to make the "peeling" of your water labels easier. Or you can choose the full cut.  

Water bottle labels | Do you need   assistance?  

The customization and purchase process of the labels is designed to be as simple and fast as possiblebut if any doubts or problems should arise, do not hesitate to contact us for assistance. 

An Our dedicated support team is ready to answer: chat, e-mail, or over the phone and provide you with all the help they need stingy. If necessary, we will guide you through the purchase process until you have the water labels in your hands. 

Not sure where to start to design your water bottle labels? 

Usually, our customers come to us with a precise idea of the labels they want to make and a design already made in a file ready for printing. 

In some cases, however, the ideas may not be so clear and need help to be realized. Don't worry if you also have an idea in mind but can't design a label that suits you! 

In fact, you can rely on our expert designers, for a super affordable price, who will provide you with different professional versions of your label. Our graphics will follow your directions and show you alternatives to choose from and which can be reviewed to obtain the label you imagined. 

Water bottle labels | Our customers   also buy ... 

Along with water bottle labels, our customers usually combine other items as well. Very often, for example, tags or paper shopping bags are associated. 

If you want to promote your new water bottles at a sporting event, you may need our displays or our advertising banners. 

Do not miss great opportunities. Consult the entire catalog of our site and find all the items you need. 

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