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Create fantastic wedding invites using our Designer tool and print them in just a few clicks. Decide how to personalise them, choosing the format, paper type and special finish. 

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The big day is approaching – Print your wedding invites:

A date has finally been set for the big day, so you can start planning the preparations! Whether it's your wedding or someone's close to you, one of the crucial steps is to let all the guests know the date chosen so they can keep it free on their calendars.

You could let them know via a simple WhatsApp message but that would be such a shame! 🙁 No, for an important occasion like a wedding, things should be done in style, so it's best to create and print wedding invitations on paper.

Paper wedding invites might seem outdated but what style do you want to convey?

Here's a practical guide on how to create and print wedding invitations yourself! That's right, you can create and print your wedding invites all on your own and have them delivered to your home in 24 hours!

Some tips for making your own wedding invites 

  • Format: How do you make your own wedding invitations? Start with the format: there are several to choose from. The postcard version is available in the following sizes: 10x15 cm, 10x21 cm, 15x21 cm, 15.5x14.8 cm or in a custom format you can define yourself. Choose your preferred size but make sure it's big enough for all the information you want to include on the invitation.

  • Choice of paper: You can choose to print your wedding invitations on various papers. We recommend a paper with a rougher texture like “Underwood - Woodstock birch”, which will give your invitations more of a refined, hand-crafted look with a sophisticated yet eco-friendly feel. Also, choose quite a high paper weight to further increase this effect. 

  • Font and colours:  The choice of fonts and colours for wedding invites often falls on serifed fonts that recall handwriting and a colour palette of warm and subtle shades. However, if you want to stand out, you can choose more modern and minimalist fonts for your wedding invitations with bright and vibrant colours. If your wedding will have a very precise theme, make sure that your wedding invites match this.


  • Required information: What information should you put on your wedding invitations? Firstly the essential information, which is usually placed in the centre of the invitation, such as: the couple's names, the date and time, the location and any other important information for the guests. You can add more details on the back, if you wish, like directions to the venue and the dress code.

  • Style of the event: If the wedding will have a very specific theme, such as a '20s wedding, try to reflect this theme in the wedding invites and remember to tell your guests what to wear so the event is a success.

Make and print your own wedding invites

Do you want to make your own wedding invitations and have them printed? Then you're in the right place at Pixartprinting. You can create your wedding invites using our Designer tool, adding images, coloured backgrounds, shapes and text. Make your own wedding invites and send them straight to print!

The process is very simple: 

Choose the right product for you from classic postcards, invitation cards or special finish postcards. When you have chosen the card to use for your wedding invitations, personalise it by selecting the format, paper type and any special finishes. Select the number of wedding invites you need and the delivery date, then decide how you will send us the artwork to print on your wedding invitations.

You can choose to upload artwork that you have already prepared, create your artwork in our Designer tool or get help creating your invitations from one of our graphic designers.

So, what are you waiting for? Make your own wedding invites, print them now and take advantage of the discounts!

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