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Create and print a beautiful wedding menus from which your guests can consult the culinary journey that awaits them. Choose the right format and the most suitable material and print whatever you want.

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Wedding menus

Whet your guests' appetite with a personalized wedding menu  

The expectation of the "Yes" to a wedding is a moment full of tension and emotions but as soon as it is pronounced the party starts! After kisses and greetings, we finally sit down at the table, the moment everyone was waiting for. 

You know the details are essential for a successful wedding. Especially during lunch or dinner, every aspect must be in place! 

Set up your tables in style and distribute a personalized wedding menu to each guest. Customized wedding menus usually contain helpful information for your guests, such as the dinner dishes or the buffet proposals. Sometimes they also include the evening plans with the times for cutting the cake or fireworks. 

Thanks to a wide range of formats and designs available, you can create your personalized wedding menu and give the tables an extra touch of style. Thanks to the various products in our catalogue, you can create a series of matching items such as invitations, place cards, and much more ... 

How to create your wedding menu 

Do you want to start creating your wedding menu? Start by looking at our collection of fully customizable wedding menus. When you have found the design that best suits you, we will guide you in adding all the customization details such as; format, type of paper and weight, lamination or special processes and finally, of course, the information and graphics to be printed. 

Once you've perfected the design, you can place your order, and we'll take care of the rest. The professional printing of the wedding menus will bring your idea to life, and you will receive the menus with sharp and elegant printing, ready for the big day, comfortably at home. 

Advice on wedding menu design 

How to make the wedding menu depends on you and your aesthetic tastes. But consider some things, how do you want it to look, refined? Back? And then you should choose a menu in paper with a thicker weight. Does your wedding have a theme, such as floral? Then bring it back to your menu by printing the back and perhaps the edges of the menu with a floral theme. 

Take all the space you want. The menu does not need to be a single sheet. Communicate all the information you want by taking your space. An excellent idea for the menu cover can be a nice photo of the bride and groom with their names printed!  

What to include in the wedding menu 

The wedding menu is generally used to guide your guests during dinner or lunch, anticipating the dishes served. Sometimes it is also used to recommend wines to pair with dishes so that guests can more easily choose among those available. 

However, we do not necessarily have to remain attached to the definition of a menu in the strict sense. The wedding menu can also be used as a guide that provides guests with all the information they need during the party. 

In addition to the dinner or lunch menu, we could include, for example, the evening program complete with indicative times. At what time will we start eating? At what time will we cut the cake? And what time will we start dancing? 

You can also enter other information on your wedding menu such as, for example, some more details about the location or perhaps about the band that will accompany the evening with their music. Also, remember to enter, if present, the Wi-Fi password. People, especially the younger ones, will be grateful to you! 

Wedding menu and other matching items! 

As already mentioned, attention to detail is essential to be able to amaze your guests. So try to create a series of matching products. Suppose you have decided to give the menu a specific design. In that case, this must also be shown on the place card , on the wedding invitations, and on the boxes for favors. 

You will find everything you need to create your set-up on our site! 

These are just tips, and they are not mandatory for the success of a wedding, the most important thing is the love that is celebrated that day, but all these small details such as choosing a personalized wedding menu can help create a magnificent party and to impress an indelible memory in the minds of your guests. 

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A classic wedding menu with 6 formats and 4 types of paper. Available with or without fold, and with the possibility of lamination.

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Folded menu in paper, with 9 types of paper and many formats available. A simple but effective solution for a creative menu.

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A simple and low cost solution for your Menus. Printable flyer, with 11 types of paper, custom size and possibility of lamination.

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For Menus with a greater number of pages, elegant and creative. Staple, perfect binding, wire-o binding or sewn binding.

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