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Wedding stickers 

Wedding Stickers and Labels

You know, the details during a wedding are important, and everyone wants to amaze their guests by taking care of every detail during this unforgettable day. Stickers and Labels for Weddings can give an extra touch of originality to your event. They are ideal for personalizing many of the objects that will be part of the ceremony and the lunch or dinner that will follow, from invitations to favours up to decorations. Everything will talk about the newlyweds and the new adventure they are starting together. 

With Pixartprinting, you have the possibility to print your Wedding Stickers quickly and easily. In this way, you will be able to personalize with a sticker the booklets of the ceremony, the lunch or dinner menus, the invitations, and anything else that will help make the event unforgettable. You can also distribute the remaining stickers to the guests to take them home as a keepsake or stick them on their jackets and feel more part of the party.   

Sticker or Label for your Wedding?  

Stickers and Labels are two similar products but with some differences. They are distinguished mainly by materials and intended use. The Sticker (or Sticker) is usually made of a resistant material with a greater thickness. It is used for promotional purposes and is distributed to be then applied to any surface. The label, on the other hand, was created to complete the packaging of a product. It is made of materials with a smaller thickness and is easier to apply. 

There are various types of labels and stickers in our catalogue. These are the Stickers we have selected for you: 

  • Full Cut Stickers: Fantastically shaped stickers, i.e., cut adjacent to the edge of the printed image. This type of cut highlights the chosen image or logo. 

  • Half-cut stickers: stickers with a backing that has the cutting path along the perimeter of your choice.  

  • Sheet stickers: arranged on a sheet in A4, A5 or A3 format, they can also have different shapes and sizes. 

  • Resin stickers: equipped with a transparent resin layer covering the surface and giving the image a unique 3D effect. 

These, on the other hand, are the perfect Label models for a Wedding: 

  • Paper labels: printable in 11 different paper types, they are perfect for classic or vintage settings. 

  • Plastic labels: resistant and available in white, transparent or metallic base. 

  • Ennobled labels: customizable with special finishes, such as 3D paint and gold or silver lamination. 

  • Holographic labels: characterized by a shiny surface with a particular rainbow effect. 

If you are undecided? Do you want to see and touch our Stickers and our Labels? We recommend our Labels and Stickers Samples. 

How to print personalized Wedding Stickers 

Making and printing the Stickers and Labels for your Wedding will be a breeze. We know that organizing a wedding takes a lot of time, but this activity will be quick and easy! 

These are the steps to follow: 

  1. Choose the product you like 
  2. Specify shape and size within the product page 
  3. Select the material you prefer 
  4. Tell us the quantity 
  5. Place the order and upload the print file 

We recommend that you download the helpful Template from the product page, along with the instructions of our graphic designers. They will help you in setting up your file. On the other hand, if you don't have the necessary knowledge, you can always rely on our Design Service! You will be supported by a professional graphic designer who will provide you with the solution that suits your needs. 

Furthermore, our Support team is always at your disposal in case of doubts or requests. You can contact us by phone, email or chat. 

Many printing solutions for your Wedding stickers 

Are you planning your wedding, and are you looking for a comfortable and reliable printing partner to give shape to your ideas? With Pixartprinting you can provide free rein to your creativity and print your graphics on many media. You can create your wedding menus or booklets for your wedding mass or event invitationsposters and leaflets. 

You also have the possibility to print beautiful custom-made Favor Boxes, to be distributed in customized paper bags. Everything you need is just a click away. 

And best wishes for your Wedding! 

Pixartprinting's vast range of stickers is ideal for customising  the objects that will be part of the ceremony or creating unique gifts to hand out to your wedding guests. 


For wedding favors, packages and bottles. Available in many materials and customizable formats, they are printed in high definition and arranged on a roll.

Roll Labels

Perfect for making your favors and decorations elegant. Choose the finishing you prefer: 3D effect paint, Gold or Silver lamination.

Special Finish Labels

Make your wedding favors shine with a rainbow effect! Beautiful, printed in high definition and custom made for you.

Holographic labels

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Wedding stickers

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