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The Wine List for your restaurant

The Wine List is not a simple list of products but an accurate fundamental communication tool for a restaurant. Each self-respecting wine list has a defined style and expresses the founding values of a restaurant's food and wine offer. Guide the customer to choose the best wine to accompany lunch or dinner is very important, and to do so, you certainly need a quality and professional-looking wine list.  

With Pixartprinting, you can print your new Wine List quickly and easily. You will be able to give shape to a personalized and tailor-made product for you, able to amaze and intrigue your customers. You can choose between different solutions, such as a paper or PVC wine list, in the form of a leaflet, single sheet or bound. Furthermore, you can select the customization options you prefer to create a unique quality product: material, format and dimensions, lamination. Once you have placed your order, you will receive your new wine lists directly in your restaurant with fast and punctual shipments. 

quality print for your Wine List 

With Pixartprinting, you can create great personalized wine lists. We use the best printing technologies on the market and carefully select each support to guarantee you professional prints and entirely in line with your expectations. You will be able to deliver to your customers a beautiful Wine List characterized by high definition images and bright colours. 

Discover the solution that suits you best and make your new wine list unique in just a few clicks! 

What information to include in a wine list? 

In your Wine List, you can enter all the information that you think can help the customer choose the most suitable proposal. However, some basic information must always be available to the customer to evaluate his choice of wines for the evening. 

Here is a handy example of how to indicate a type of Wine and what information to enter: 

  • Name of the Wine  

  • Type of Wine 

  • Vintage 

  • Types of grapes used 

  • Name of the manufacturer and region/state of origin 

  • Price 

It may also be helpful to add a brief textual description of the Wine (description of flavour, colour, etc.) and the dishes to which it is advisable to combine it. 

The division of the Wines within the List  

Not all restaurant customers are wine experts. For this reason, a restaurateur needs to know how to guide their choice by taking advantage of a well-constructed wine list. A good subdivision of the wines within the Charter can help. 

Subdividing the Wines does not simply mean dividing white wines from red ones and sparkling ones, but it also means creating a series of sub-categories that can further clarify the ideas to the reader. Some restaurants, for example, divide the wines by region of origin or according to the dishes they can be paired with (first courses, second courses, desserts, meat or fish menus). 

How to design your Wine List? 

If you want to print a beautiful wine list, you also need to design your product: 

  • The font: one of the main elements to define is the font. It is important that this is as legible and beautiful to look at as possible. Some of the most used fonts are "Times new roman" and "Helvetica", whose linearity and simplicity make them easy to read. However, there is no golden rule, and it is not sure that these fonts, however simple they are, look good on your wine list. Everything will depend on the style of your menu, to which it will be combined, and on the style of your restaurant. 

  • Font size: it is a good rule to use a font with adequate size so that anyone can read the text of the Wine List. A font with a size of 12 to 16 pt will suffice. Remember to distinguish well the various elements such as titles, text and subtext, giving these different dimensions and thickness. The order of the elements is also essential. 

  • Line spacing and spacing: line spacing is another critical element in a wine list or menu layout. There is no need to stack everything up to save space. You can take all the space you need. Set a suitable line spacing so that reading is more straightforward and manage the spaces between one proposal and another well. 

  • Bold and italics: to give order to the various elements within the Wine List, you can use bold and italics. For example, you can use bold for the name of the producer and italics for the name of the wine, or vice versa. 

The style of your Wine List 

If your restaurant has a particular style, this can also be taken up in your new wine list, playing with images and colours that make it unique. You can use photos or illustrations to enrich your list, but it is crucial that they are of good taste and quality and do not affect the reading of the texts. Also, remember that the choice of format, size and print material influence the final result and can be used to express the unique nature of your venue. 

Printing your Wine Lists is easy 

With Pixartprinting, you can print your new wine lists quickly and easily. Please choose the product you prefer and customize it by selecting the suitable configuration options for you. Download the handy Template with the Instructions of our graphic designers to correctly set up your print file. If you prefer to rely on the help of an expert, we recommend that you try our Design Service. One of our graphic designers will support you, who will offer you a series of solutions based on your specific requests. 

Once the customization is complete and your order has been placed, you will receive your new wine lists directly in your restaurant. 

Many printing solutions for your business 

Within our extensive catalogue, you can find a wide range of products for your venue. In addition to the wine lists, we also print personalized menus, paper or PVC placematspersonalized napkins and professional clothing. All products can be customized with your graphics, such as your restaurant's logo or a name. 

Everything you need is just a click away. Discover all our products! 

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