What are zines ? How do you print them ?    

A zine is a non professional and unofficial publication produced by fans of a particular sector, hobby or cultural phenomenon for the simple pleasure of sharing. You can easily print zines on our website – find out how!  

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Zine printing 

Share interesting topics, expose semi-hidden subcultures or new music subgenres by printing your own zine.

Your zine cover

In a publication like a zine, the cover plays a fundamental role – like in every "self-respecting magazine, it is the cover that highlights the themes dealt with inside and must be very graphic and packed with details.

Hardcover vs paperback? Which is better? Again, this all depends on the final look you want to achieve. A magazine usually has a paperback cover but a more "classy" publication requires a hardback cover.

The choice also depends on how much content there will be in the publication: if it will have lots of pages, perhaps a hardback cover would be more suitable.

Save on zine printing with Pixartprinting 

If the purpose of your zine printing is distribution, you will definitely want to print several copies. The good thing about Pixartprinting is that the more you print, the more you save!

Plus, if you are a new customer, you can enjoy welcome discounts and save even more.

So, no more excuses! Print your zines and start shedding some light on a subculture.

Need help with your A5 zine printing? 

The configuration and printing process is simple and intuitive, as you will see, but if you have any doubts, questions or requests outside of the "standard" configuration options, you can contact our Customer Support team, available seven days a week! How? Call or email Support or use the convenient chat. Our experienced advisors will be happy to help you create your fanzines!

In fact, the flexible cover is perfect for the publication of guides, catalogues, or any publication aiming to be practical, handy and easily transportable.

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The hard cover gives more resistance to your publication and allows it to last longer over time. It can therefore be more suitable for publications intended for intensive use.

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The simplest type of Binding. It involves the use of two simple metal staples to join the sheets to the cover. Easy, fast and cheap.

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 Staple binding

Suitable for thick publications, it involves the use of a special glue to join the pages to the cover. The paperback can be glued (corrugated) or sewn.

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Perfect Binding

 Fast and effective, it involves the use of a spiral with a cylindrical section, inside which the sheets and the cover are inserted after punching.

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Spiral binding

Create your fanzine starting from the type of binding

Zines could be considered a forerunner of the Internet because of their power to provide a space for niche communities across the world. A space to report their culture, discuss issues, ideas and news about that world and bear witness to its existence.

These days, zines have become very fashionable, with many readers appreciating the opportunity to have something real in their hands, the pleasure of reading something new and original, beyond the classic editorial circuits, with their own limits and censorship.

Whether you write about niche TV series from the '70s, sci-fi worlds, Celtic music, comics or anything else, you can print your zines here.

Zine printing is so easy: choose from different types of cover, binding and paper. You can create a modern, sophisticated product or print a zine with a slightly rough, original and self-produced look reflecting the first zines.

Zine binding

As mentioned, you can choose from different types of binding:

  • Perfect binding
  • Sewn binding
  • stapled binding
  • Wire-o binding

Which you choose depends on you and the look you want your zine to have. Zines often take on the look of a self-produced tabloid/magazine, so to give your zine that look, stapled binding or perfect binding might be best. Whereas if you want to create a more refined, elegant zine, then sewn binding is definitely the best option!

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