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The importance of being honest

Monitoring customer satisfaction is crucial, and to achieve this Pixartprinting uses tools that collect reviews and comments from everyone who places an order.

These are independent, fully transparent platforms, where users can describe their experience of using our services.
We do not intervene in the process of collecting and publishing the reviews in any way – customers are free to express their true opinion on their orders.

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Our service, your voice

Every year, Pixartprinting successfully fulfils the orders of 600,000 customers throughout Europe and, according to Reevoo, an independent review management system, 96% of people who buy through our website are satisfied with our products and service.


You can trust Reevoo, because

It's independent

Reevoo is an independent organisation that publishes 100% real reviews.

It's impartial

All reviews we receive are published, regardless of whether they are positive or negative and whatever the score given.

It's transparent

The reviews are written by users who have actually bought the product.

Peace of mind for your purchases

For 15 years, Trusted Shops has been synonymous with peace of mind and quality in the e-commerce sector across Europe. Pixartprinting has displayed the Trusted Shops seal of quality since 2014, a sign of trustworthiness that, following a comprehensive certification process, our company can show with pride. The certificate can be viewed by clicking on the Trusted Shops badge on our homepage.

Trusted Reviews
Trusted Certificate

Only e-commerce sites that meet Trusted Shops' criteria can receive certification and show this quality badge. These criteria look at various aspects, including the company's data protection system and the way products are delivered.

In addition, Trusted Shops provides our company with a transparent review collection system, which we can only continue to use if our score remains above 3/10.