- Hi there! Good morning!
- It just can’t... It can’t just have greeted me.
- Hey, I’m talking to you. Good morning!
- It’s impossible.
- It’s very possible. May I? Let me introduce myself: I’m a business card.
- A talking business card. After the apps, QR codes, USB-stick business cards, now this? Humbug!
- Humbug, you say. Easily impressed, this chap!
- ...
- By now I’ve seen so many things...
- You’ve seen so many.
- I’ve been around for centuries.
- And here I was, thinking I’d picked you up at the café down the road.

- I’ve always known how to reinvent myself.
- Let’s just call it recycling.
- “Collect four stamps and the fifth coffee’s on us”. You fell for it too.
- Something tells me I won’t be getting rid of you anytime soon.
- I told you, I’ve been around for centuries. Since 1400.
- Hear, hear. And what were you up to, out and about at those times?
- I was born in China, where guests used me to be announced at their hosts’ mansions.
- “Pull out the red carpet, ‘someone’ just got here!”
- In France and the UK, I was some kind of pocket-sized contract.
- Been ‘round, have you.
- From 1600 onwards, European picked up the Chinese style, too. At Louis XIV’s court, calling cards were all the rage.
- Worth losing your head for.
- You can certainly say that.
- What about other countries?
- In England, I promoted shops, explained how to get there. At times, I acted like a contract, too.
- That’s what I call multitasking!
- You underestimate me.
- Not in the least.
- And I haven’t even got to the bit when I was a status symbol.
- I’m all ears.

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- Thanks to lithographic printing, its colours and elaborate details, I became a collector’s item.
- And then?
- And then, at the beginning of the 20th century, I started looking like I do now.
- But that’s a hundred years ago! You could do with some wrinkle cream.
- I’m good at reinvention, I told you already.
- How?
- Luxury paper, captivating graphics, designs that reflect the person I’m representing, their ideas, their business...
- You sound like a textbook.
- Or like a newsletter. We all have ambitions.
- Aren’t you worried you’ll go out of fashion?
- I’ve become a classic.
- In spite of technology?
- Because of technology, my dear.
- You sound very sure of yourself.
- I know what I’m capable of.
- Which means...?
- Exchanging business cards is an automatic gesture.
- But it could stop being so!
- The immediacy of that gesture – the contact! - is hard to replace.
- You can never know.
- Not to speak about the pleasure of holding something in your hand, feeling the paper...
- Down to clichés, I see.
- I can be left everywhere. I can be in more than one place at the same time!
- So it’s ubiquity you’re after!
- “Collect four stamps and the fifth coffee’s on us”.
- Touché.

The Fabulous Pixartprinting Time Machine is an editorial project developed by Pixartprinting. our goal is to present our products in a new, unexpected light: for this third episode we have an exceptional guest: the business cards.

License: Creative Commons Attribution No Derivatives 4.0

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