Introducing Gifta – unique, personalised gifts that amaze

Introducing Gifta – unique, personalised gifts that amaze

Editorial team Published on 10/25/2022

Introducing Gifta – unique, personalised gifts that amaze

As a reader of the Pixartprinting blog, the odds are you’re a creative, entrepreneurial type.

So you’ll be glad to know that alongside the business advice, training tips, creative inspiration and all sorts of ways to add value through printing, there’s always room for new gift ideas.

Whether they’re for a niche market or a mass market, friends or family, gifts are an important part of daily life. They bring smiles when times are tough, give us encouragement when we lack confidence, and are as nice to give as they are to receive. Gifts give us special moments. And special moments deserve special gifts.Gifta è il sito ideale per fare regali speciali

That’s why we created Gifta: Pixartprinting’s dedicated gift platform

Gifta is where you’ll find countless gift ideas to surprise friends, family and colleagues and others. On Gifta, you can find inspiration in our range of personalisable gifts and let your imagination run wild.


Personalisation is what Gifta is all about. Every item is highly personalisable so you can give people a unique gift experience. Because the secret to a personalised gift is often not the gift itself, but the message it carries.

That’s why Gifta has tons of gift ideas for letting your nearest and dearest know what they mean to you, whatever the occasion. A birthday, a wedding, an anniversary, a graduation, a retirement, a new job or a new baby… These are just some of the moments in life that deserve a personalised gift that brings back memories, stirs emotions and offers meaning.

All you need is a photo, image, phrase, word or symbol that means something special to the person receiving the gift. Use this to personalise your item, and it will be more than a gift: it will be a living memory.


On Gifta, you’ll find loads of ideas for personalised gifts. From canvas printing to personalised photo tiles, with or without a frame. Or personalised posters and photos printed on eco photo panels (so you give something to nature too).

You can also print photos on Foamex, photos on plexiglass and photos on aluminium for a unique premium effect. Or opt for other photo gifts, including personalised mugs, personalised tote bags, personalised drawstring bags, personalised backpacks or a super-soft personalised cushion.

These are just some the ideas you’ll find on Gifta.

Simply go to to find the perfect gift.

You can’t go wrong!

Happy gifting.