Alessandra Alessiani
Alessandra Alessiani’s star sign is Libra, and in her professional life she places writing and contemporary art on the two scales. When she manages to combine the two, she’s a happy journalist. With a degree in cultural heritage and a keen interest in anthropology, she worked for years on a research project in the Arctic, before moving on to work for magazines and newspapers. She loves the world of illustration, cooks themed dinners, and continues to dream about visiting Greenland.

Alessandro Bonaccorsi
“A visual designer, illustrator and graphic facilitator. Alessandro Bonaccorsi has shared his knowledge of topics in the fields of graphic design, illustration and the creative professions for years through his blog and courses. He is the author of the book ‘Illustrazione, l’immaginario per professione’ (‘Illustration, professional imagination’) and the creator of the Disegno Brutto course. He believes in a world free from competition and in visual communication as a provider of wellbeing for society.”

Giovanni Blandino
Web content editor and a digital marketing consultant for businesses. He has worked for companies, organisations, businesses, research centres and marketing agencies in Berlin, Bolzano, Trieste and Rome. He is always interested in experimenting with new forms of narrative to describe the things he sees. He travels a lot, both on foot and by bike.

Sarah Cantavalle
A copywriter and marketing consultant for freelancers and SMEs, Sarah Cantavalle’s mission is to “make texts add up” using the rational approach that typifies her star sign (Capricorn), and the intuition and creativity that come from a rising Pisces. When she isn’t writing, she’s reading. When she’s not reading, she’s travelling, although she also likes reading while travelling.

Marco Catania
Over the course of his career, Miguel Cáceres has been a scientific researcher, a PR manager, event planner and scriptwriter for TV documentaries. Today he’s a journalist. He loves knowledge and culture
, and wants to find creative ways of bringing them closer to the public. He considers himself a citizen of the world and mainly writes for Spanish, Italian and English magazines.

Aida de Miguel
A graduate in Audiovisual Communication, art director and editorial designer, she has over ten years’ experience in magazine design—pages, grids and texts with their natural ecosystem. Design is her leitmotif. Typography her great passion.

Anabel Herrera
Graduated in Journalism and Philosophy with a wealth of experience in content publishing. She works as a television scriptwriter and contributes to a large number of magazines, communication agencies and online media. Communicating is her passion, which is why she covers fields as diverse as dissemination of science, health, technology and design.


Borys Kosmynka
He is a graphic designer/typographer collaborating with the Book Art Museum in Lodz Poland. He completed his BA at the University of Montana Western (Dillon, MT) in 2012 and MA in Graphic Design at the Academy of Fine Arts in Lodz, Poland in 2014, where he is currently a doctorate student.

Eugenia Luchetta
A graphic designer educated in Milan and London, where she now works, designing books and visual identities. Her deep passion for books stems from their tangible, tactile quality: from the binding and paper through to the way they are printed. She loves experimenting with design and production, and is always on the lookout for new solutions.

Alberto Maestri
With a degree in Digital Marketing from the IDM in London, Maestri is an expert in customer experience, content marketing and brand storytelling, and works as a consultant, in-demand speaker, guest blogger and lecturer for organisations in Italy and further afield. Twitter: @AlbertoMaestri

Emily Potts
Writer, editor, consultant in the design industry. She writes articles for websites and magazines
, and has co-authored a few design books. She likes working with nice people and companies that do great work for themselves, their clients, and their communities.

Angela Riechers
Type writer: typography is her main beat. She covers other design and visual topics with enthusiasm for a wide range of publications and clients, and teach design at FIT and the School of Visual Arts. Despite a dark sense of humor, she walks on the sunny side of the street.

Candido Romano
A journalist, illustrator and content creator for newspapers, magazines and businesses, Candido loves uncovering stories and telling them using text, images and video. He is fascinated by everything that is either ‘beautiful’ or extremely ugly (and therefore worth describing). He graduated first in communication and then in journalism, while also studying sequential art and illustration.

Tara Roskell
She lives in a world where cartoons are cool and creativity is king. She is a freelance graphic designer who has worked in the creative industry for over 20 years, for both national and international companies. Her experience encompasses branding, literature, package design, and exhibitions. Tara also teaches creative thinking and logo design in her online video courses.

Marina Ruberto
Copywriter, editor and (occasional) short story writer. She writes for businesses and agencies throughout Italy, for all forms of communication, both on- and offline. Her teachers were (and still are) the great copywriters and storytellers, and music, as long as it has a beat.

Tanita Wensky
Tanita Wensky is a graphic designer based in Berlin. She is studying Visual Communication at Berlin University of the Arts and Rhode Island School of Design. She practises and writes about typography and the intersection of visual culture and graphic design. She has also founded an interview space on women in design.

Christian Wöllecke
Christian Wöllecke works as freelance copywriter, editor and corrector in Berlin. Degrees in comparative literature and business administration. Naturally interested in any form of text, not only spelling mistakes. Several published short stories (latest: Der Durchbruch, sukultur 2018, Berlin). Columnist at literary journal metamorphosen. Books are everything.

Jenny Zegenhagen
As a digital nomad, Jenny travels the world as a freelance writer and project manager. She regularly creates content about design, typography, blockchain, and reports from conferences, where she has gathered experience as a managing editor. Her main goal while traveling the world is to eat as many local cuisines as possible.