As the Amazon burns, artists and activists fight to save the Earth’s green lungs

As the Amazon burns, artists and activists fight to save the Earth’s green lungs

Massimiliano Santolin Published on 8/30/2019

As the Amazon burns, artists and activists fight to save the Earth’s green lungs

The Amazon rainforest, the green lungs that play a crucial role in regulating the Earth’s climate, is in crisis. Public opinion, the media and world leaders are mobilising to stop the wave of fires that are raging across the region, while distressing images of smoke and flames bombard the screens of our smartphones.

The world’s forests under threat

2019 has been an especially tough year for our planet’s forests and woodland: even Siberia and Africa have been hit hard by fires, raising serious questions about the way forests are managed and protected internationally. Events like this raise collective awareness and play on the conscience of artists who, in their own way, try to make us think and act, encouraging us to do our bit to tackle the crisis.

Artists respond from around the world

We’ve put together a series of images from the Instagram profiles of artists across the world who have addressed the Amazon crisis in their work. It reminds us that global citizenship doesn’t have geographical limits, and that events that happen thousands of miles away can affect us all.

Donate to stop the fires

To help fight this crisis, you can make a donation to  the Earth Alliance’s Amazon Forest Fund, to which Leonardo Di Caprio has already pledged  5 million dollars.


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This is what will be left behind when the fire in Brazil is out………….The greed of man has always existed, there will always be greed until the moment when there are no people left. The new egoism knows no limits anymore. Everybody deserves to fly several times a year, 12,000 kilometers away, to stretch their feet in the sand. Each of us must be able to have strawberries on our plates all year round. The Amazon burns and for the most part because everyone eats too much meat. We will not change anything unless we change first. . . Ödon von Horvath said: "Nothing gives you the feeling of infinity so much as stupidity." . #fire#worldonfire#amazonas#dosomething#rainforest#animals#wolfsilveri

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I can't believe that the world’s largest tropical rainforest has been burning for three weeks and many of us are finding out just this week. I cannot believe how the governments of many countries understand that it is more important to destroy their own natural resources for economic reasons regardless of the death of native, animals and plants. When will we realize that every day we fail more to Mother Nature? If anyone has suggestions on how to help apart from sharing it the news for others to find out, because also this has had very little coverage 😭😭😭 #prayforamazonia #actforamazonia #protecttherainforest #savetherainforest . . #illustration #illustrationfriday #womenofillustration #illustrationartists #thepirategraphic #adobesketch #weloveillustration #graphicdesigncentral #digitalillustration #picame #thedesigntip #ballpitmag #vaniladesign #yorokobu #womenwhodraw #supplyanddesign #amazonia #brazil

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