Christmas Apps: The Best To Download

Christmas Apps: The Best To Download

Tara Roskell Published on 12/2/2019

Christmas is a busy time with lots to do. It’s hard juggling normal life with organising everything ready for the perfect Christmas holiday. We’ve found a selection of apps to make organising your Christmas a breeze.

Christmas Food and Drink Apps

Splitwise – Split your Christmas meal restaurant bills  iOS

If you have a lot of Christmas meals arranged with friends, you’ll want an easy way to split the bills. Splitwise lets you add items and move them on to “plates”. Or if you’re in a hurry just add the important items and let the app split the rest evenly, ideal if only some of the guests are drinking. Splitwise can calculate and split a bill for up to 10 people, you can even calculate what tip you should leave. An alternative app is Settle Up which is available for iOS, Android and Microsoft.

Tasty – Recipe App iOS and Android

If you are going to be doing a lot of entertaining over Christmas, you might want some new recipe ideas. Whether it’s to cater for different tastes or use up those Christmas leftovers the Tasty App can help you create something delicious. What’s great about this app is that the recipes have video tutorials, so you can watch step by step as you cook.

Yummly – Recipe App iOS and Android

Yummly is another great recipe app for meals over the Christmas holiday. This app can even help you cater for people with dietary restrictions by only suggesting recipes excluding those ingredients.

Sous Chef Countdown Timer – iOS

It’s so hard to time Christmas dinner so that everything is ready at the right time. That’s where the Sous Chef Countdown Timers comes in. It has 5 configurable timers so you can plan your Christmas dinner down to the minute. No more soggy roast potatoes. Check out “Kitchen Timer” for an Android alternative

Wine Picker – iOS and Android

If you’re dining out this Christmas and never know what wine to choose, let Wine Picker help you. If your Restaurant is known by the app it will be able to suggest a wine from their winelist to go with your meal. Alternatively, tell the app the type of meal you are having and it will offer suggestions.

Christmas Fashion and Fancy Dress Apps

Morph Suits/Morph DigitalDudz Fancy Dress App – iOS and Android

This is definitely fancy dress with a difference. Not only can you find fancy dress outfits for your Christmas Party, but also Christmas Jumpers. What makes them so different is the digital element. From the App you can download the animation which goes with the costume or Christmas Jumper you have purchased. Then place your phone in the costume pocket and the animation will be revealed within your clothes for an amazing effect. The App can also be used to make costume purchases.

ASOS Clothes Shopping App – iOS and Android

If you are looking for the perfect outfit for a Christmas Party, this could be the App for you. ASOS is one of the top fashion brand apps. It has a large selection of clothes and can make personal recommendations for you. It also has a catwalk video view so you can see a 360° view of the clothes. Clothes Fashion App – iOS and Android

Have you seen one of your favourite social media stars in an outfit you love and want to wear this Christmas? LiketoKnow can help you recreate it. Search for the person’s name or brand, click on one of their photos and LiketoKnow will show the clothing below and where to purchase it. The clothes are unfortunately listed in dollars, but if you click on an item you will be taken to a UK online store (if one is available).

Apps for Organising a Christmas Party

Guest List Organizer – iOS and Mac Desktop

If you are organising a big Christmas party whether it’s for home or work, you’ll want an easy way to keep track of who you’ve invited and whether they’ve confirmed if they’ll attend. This app lets you import contacts from an address book or previous events and send out email invites too.

Christmas RADIO – iOS and Android

This App lets you tune into radio stations across the globe playing Christmas music. There are both free and paid versions of the app.

Spotify App, Create some Christmas Playlists –  iOS and Android

Get your Christmas Party going with a bang by creating some Christmas music playlists. Spotify also has some of their own Christmas Playlists that might work for you. Spotify is available both as a free version supported by ads or an ad-free premium version.

Invitation Card Maker Free by Greetings Island – iOS and Android

If you want a simple way to create Christmas party invitations to send to your friends, this app is great. Edit your chosen template and then choose to either email your guests, share the invite on social media or create a version to print out. The App will conveniently make it easy to print a few on a sheet of paper too.

Christmas Gift Apps

The Christmas List, Budget and Gift Tracking – iOS (alternative for Android)

Make sure you don’t miss anyone or overspend on gifts this Christmas by using the Christmas List App. You can see exactly what you have bought so far and how much you’ve spent. A great way to make sure you spend equal amounts on all the kids too, so no squabbles break out.

Not on the High Street Gift Finder – iOS

If you are looking for Christmas gifts that are a little different, check out Not on the High Street. Just as its name suggests this shop features items you won’t find every day. Products are created by small creative businesses. So not only are you choosing more individual gifts, you are also supporting small businesses.

Etsy,  Handmade, Custom or Vintage Gifts – iOS and Android

If you like handcrafted gifts then Etsy is definitely worth checking out. You’ll find anything from handmade clothing, to jewellery, to toys and art.

Elfster, Secret Santa Generator and Wish list App – iOS and Android

Elfster makes it easy to organise your Secret Santa whether it’s with work colleagues or friends and family. Quickly and easily draw names for the Secret Santa. You can share wishlist and get Christmas gift ideas too.

Homemade Christmas Gifts Apps

If you would prefer to hand make your own Christmas gifts, take a look at these two apps for creative craft ideas

Creative Ideas – DIY & Craft – iOS and Android

This app is like Instagram for Craft ideas. Scroll through the feed, look at popular posts or find members who ideas you like and follow them.

Blueprint (used to be called Craftsy) – iOS and Android

Learn how to create crafty gifts with the Blueprint App. You’ll find classes for drawing, knitting, jewellery making and many other crafts. There are both free basic classes and more advanced ones which are available with a subscription.

Christmas Apps to Keep Kids Happy

Message from Santa – iOS and Android

Surprise your children with a video phone call from Santa. The video calls can be personalised to include your child’s name. This app also includes a Santa tracker and a weather report for the North Pole. Also worth checking out is a similar app called PNP – Portable North Pole available on iOS and Android

Christmas Booth: Photo Fun – iOS

Take a photo of your face or grab an image from your photoroll and add seasonal stickers to it. You can save your creations, send them by email or share on social media.

Apps for Christmas Decoration Ideas

Pinterest – iOS and Android

When it comes to Christmas decoration ideas Pinterest is a fantastic source of inspiration. Whether it’s how to decorate your home or Christmas tree, or ways to make your table more festive, Pinterest has got you covered.