How to assemble a gazebo like a pro

How to assemble a gazebo like a pro

Editorial team Published on 7/4/2017

Concerts, petitions, food festivals, pop-up shops… They are all key moments for introducing your brand to the public, and you need to get them right. All of these outdoor events have an essential item in common: the professional fold-up gazebo.

Your stand will be protected come rain or shine: too much sun can ruin your products while rain can ruin the whole event. Flyers, posters, banners and everything else you’ve brought to the event need protecting. And gazebos are a handy solution.

If you’ve always worried that they’re hard to assemble, we’re here to show you that they’re anything but. Follow our tutorial and in eight simple steps your gazebo will be ready to go.

To assemble the gazebo, start by opening the bag containing the frame. Lay out all the parts on the ground so that you have an overview of everything you need. Every part is important: you don’t want to end up with something left over that you don’t know where to put.

Take the load-bearing frame, which you’ll find folded up, and stand it on its feet. We know that there’s nothing you can’t do, but trust us, it’s easier for two people to assemble the gazebo, or better, four. So grab a friend or colleague who can help, and get to it.

Now follow these simple steps:

  1. Position yourselves on either side of the frame and start gradually opening the gazebo.
  2. Once you’ve opened the base, rest the roof fabric on top.
  3. At this point, attach the roof Velcro to the poles, making sure you put the corners in the right place.
  4. Now, lower one at a time the two red levers that you’ll find on each of the gazebo’s 4 legs. One lever is used to raise and adjust the frame, the other is for tensioning the roof.
  5. In the middle of the frame, beneath the fabric, you’ll find a crank. Start turning it until the roof is fully taut.
  6. To ensure that the roof of the professional folding gazebo is perfectly taut, you can also attach it to the frame using the two Velcro straps located centrally on each side.
  7. Now for the side wall. Attach this to the legs of the frame using the Velcro found on either side of the wall.
  8. Last step: to prevent the gazebo from becoming unstable or flying away in strong wind, anchor it to the ground. You can either use pegs when assembling on grass or weights when assembling on streets or hard surfaces.

Done. See? It’s not even 30 minutes since you started and now your gazebo is ready to deck out.

Let’s change perspective. You’re no longer people who’ve just assembled a gazebo and are now displaying your products inside it. No, now you’re people walking along the street who see the very same gazebo out of the corner of their eye. You’ve always thought: “I have to buy one!” It always seemed like something useful, but you were never sure when you’d be able to use it. In short, the gazebo can be used at loads of different events as a stand and backdrop for your brand and message. Here’s a few examples:

  1. An outdoor festival: you can position your gazebo at the entrance and use it as a ticket office.
  2. A food festival: the gazebo will serve as stand, luring hungry visitors to your cupcakes, pastries or sandwiches. It’s a little open kitchen!
  3. Street markets for crafts are all the rage! Present your brand with a stunning gazebo and show the world what you can do
  4. Summer is here and with it open-air concerts: the gazebo is ideal as a small pop-up shop selling merchandise for your band – turning it into the new star attraction!
  5. Want to collect signatures for a cause that you believe in? A gazebo can help. Set it up with the help of a friend in your town’s high street and start your campaign while sheltered from the sun and rain.
  6. You’ve finally published that book you’ve been working on for years and, together with your publisher, you organise a launch: a gazebo can be turned into your very own pop-up bookshop from which you can sell copies and sign autographs.
  7. You’re massage professionals with a parlour but summer’s here and all of your customers have headed off to the seaside. Why not follow them? Set up your gazebo on the beach and keep running your business outdoors!

With endless possibilities, a gazebo is perfect for any occasion. Rome wasn’t built in a day, but a gazebo only takes 20 minutes. What are you waiting for?