Welcome to Pixartprinting


Is that Silicon Valley? No, it’s better: it’s Quarto d’Altino, a town within touching distance of Venice, where the air smells of the lagoon whenever the wind blows from the sea. It is here that Pixartprinting decided to put down its roots and begin its unstoppable growth. Over 700 employees work here every day. Here we monitor everything carefully, talk to you through every possible channel, reply to your emails and take your orders. We listen to you if you have any problems, and discuss the ways we can make our service as good as it can possibly be. We sit around a table and talk, seeking new solutions that meet your needs. We get our hands covered in paint, we sew, we cut and we package. And yes, every so often, we grab a few coffees and allow ourselves a break and a laugh.

We do all this with passion, and we do it because for us Pixartprinting is like a city, a beautiful and liveable city, a city we helped to build, street by street, square by square, constantly improving it so that everyone can come and visit.

Anyway, welcome to Pixartprinting.

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