Using cursive online

Using cursive online

Editorial team Published on 5/3/2023

A list of the best Unicode cursive text generators to give your social media a touch of style

Have you ever used cursive in your Facebook posts or to grab people’s attention on Twitter? To embellish your Instagram text or to add comments to YouTube that really make an impression?

Cursive text can be used in countless ways in the digital world, but all with the same goal: to attract users’ gaze and improve engagement on social media accounts.

Do you manage a Facebook, Twitter or Instagram account? Then it’s high time you gave it a try!

Using cursive online
An example of cursive

Cursive fonts imitate calligraphy and therefore tend to appear friendlier and more familiar. But before we take a look at the best online cursive text generators, let’s discover a bit more about cursive’s origins.

Cursive in the pre-digital age

Most people learned how to write in cursive in their first few years at school, although the ubiquity of digital devices means that increasingly we are forgetting how to do it.

An example of cursive handwriting
An example of cursive handwriting

What is cursive? Put simply, cursive is a type of writing where the characters in a word are joined together, with the pen lifted from the paper as little as possible. This tends to make cursive writing smoother and faster than writing in block letters, where all the symbols are separate.

The invention of cursive, written by hand and printed

Interestingly, cursive originated after writing in block letters. For example, in the Latin alphabet – used in the majority of Western languages – cursive only really appeared in the late medieval period, although there are a few traces of it from the Roman era. Indeed, some cursive was found on the walls of the city of Pompeii!

An example of cursive in print
Cursive in print: italics

Printed cursive, meanwhile, was invented in the sixteenth century by the Italian Francesco Griffo. That’s why in many languages, including English, it’s known as a variation on the word italics. The Spaniards, however, call it letra grifa – no prizes for guessing why!

As well as looking stylish, italic text was extremely useful: because it was more compact, it could save a lot of paper, to the delight of publishers at the time!

Digital cursive: Unicode

In the digital world, cursive is a sort of font that imitates handwriting. Various cursive text generators allow you to convert your text and then copy and paste it onto whichever social network you’re using: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or YouTube.

The generators work using the Unicode coding system, which allows you to save and process digital text using a series of numerical codes.

Online cursive text generators

Leaving the theory to one side, cursive writing generators make everything extremely simple: instead of having to know the Unicode code for each symbol, they allow you to transform your text into the most creative styles imaginable and use them with a mere copy and paste.

An example of cursiv
An example of cursiv

Now let’s have a look at some online cursive text generators together.


YayText can be used to create cursive text, but that’s not all: if offers around 60 different styles to improve your social media profiles: strikethrough text, bold, superscripts and other quirky fonts, including one called ‘Bubble Text’. The platform also offers a handy preview.


Another extremely straightforward cursive text generator is CapitalizeMyTitle. It transforms your text in line with various Unicode standards, including some really interesting ones like upside-down text.


LingoJam is the most basic cursive tool available. The website simply comprises two columns: you enter your text on the left and it appears in your preferred style on the right, ready to be copied.

Glyphy, an example of an online cursive text generator
Glyphy, one of the cursive text generates


TextEditor, all as well as transforming your text into cursive, offers countless other styles to grab people’s attention. For example, you can use frames or intersperse letters with emojis.


If you’re looking for something more graphically advanced, we recommend Glyphy. This website is undoubtedly neater and more professional looking than its competitors, and we’re sure you’ll find the right text style to ensure your social media accounts really pack a punch.

How about you? Have you already tried transforming your text into cursive?