Five ways to use your Photo Canvas Prints at home or in the office

Five ways to use your Photo Canvas Prints at home or in the office

Candido Romano Published on 3/31/2018

Whether it’s a memory, something that left a lasting impression on you or a concept that represents your company, printing a photo or image on a panel lets you enjoy it every day.

More than anything else, photographs are memories – images that transport you back to the past and allow you to relive times you may have forgotten, recalling certain sensations or depicting important moments in your life. And these snapshots can also be printed onto canvas. We’ve already discussed the various ways you can print photos onto panels, but one way to create a permanent record of the memories or images you hold particularly dear is to choose Photo Canvas Prints. This option lets you create panels to hang on your wall featuring the images or photos that mean the most to you, or the character (or person) that most inspired you: your options are practically limitless. They will add an original touch to your home or office and, since the image covers the entire surface of the panel, including the edges, the effect is truly striking. However, before you start coming up with some ideas, the first step is to choose the material you want to use.

Example of customised canvas prints

How are Photo Canvas Prints made?

Photo Canvas Prints are panels made with either of two unique materials, generally used for digital printing: Kapatex or Kapaplast. They are both very lightweight, with a polyurethane core, offering both rigidity and excellent reproduction of the photo on the canvas. The difference between the two materials is the surface – Kapaplast has a smooth surface and a high white point, and is therefore suitable for printing photos with bright colours: you will obtain a  smooth, matt effect, with intense, clear colours. Kapatex, meanwhile, is rougher to the touch, with a sophisticated texture that gives the canvas an effect similar to a painting, allowing you to print photos onto panels that look like works of art.


Individual Photo Canvas Prints


Give shape to your memories

Once you’ve decided whether you want a rough or smooth material, it’s time to choose the shape, dimensions and various customisation options you like best. Pixartprinting provides various combinations for online photo canvas printing, either on a single panel or a group of several panels, allowing you to print a photo split into multiple sections or a combination of lots of photos in a sort of small mosaic. You can also choose to print your photos in either portrait or landscape format.

The photos on canvas are delivered pre-assembled, so all you need to do to brighten up your room is hang them on the wall. You can experiment to your heart’s content, and position your Photo Canvas Prints to create new meanings or connections between the photos. You could arrange them in a staggered sequence, or lay them out in a particular shape to match the furnishing of your home or office. Now for some ideas on the content!

All the multiple panel options available at Pixartprinting. Credits: Pixartprinting

Five ideas for custom canvas prints

With such a large range of choices available to you, you can create literally anything – let your imagination run wild! Naturally, the first things that may come to mind are important events such as weddings or degree ceremonies, or the skyline of a major city: there’s nothing stopping you from printing this type of photo, but the unique advantage of a photo canvas print to hang in your home or office is the story and the personal touch it allows you to give to your creation. Some of the ideas we have come up with are slightly unorthodox, providing a more creative way of using these photo canvases, and we hope they will spark your imagination.

Your travels: it doesn’t have to be a trip around the world or anything too far from home; it all depends on your travel companion. It could be a simple weekend away, or a time in your life when something important happened. If you’ve been on more than one trip, whether in a group or on your own, you could use Photo Canvas Prints to document different moments from your adventure, like a sort of jigsaw piecing together your travels from around the globe.

Photo Canvas Prints of your travels

People you will never forget: you may have thousands of contacts on a host of social networks, be hot with your networking and have a diary full of commitments, but we all have at least one person, even just in our memories, whom we will never forget. It could be a parent, a partner or a friend. You’re bound to have one or more photos of this person, perhaps from when you were together, which you could print on one or more Photo Canvas Prints. This will go far beyond a simple photograph on the mantelpiece, giving you a large canvas to look at every day to remember that special someone.

Your family, whatever the word means to you: your family is simply the people you get along with. It could be your dog, a childhood friend you never lost touch with, or simply the people who raised you. For the latter, for example, you could choose the 150 x 50 cm format divided into three square panels, with one of your parents on each of the two sides and something that connects you, or connected you in the past, in the centre.

Your brand: whether you’re a freelancer in your home office or working for a company, a Photo Canvas Print promoting your brand image can make all the difference, both for you, helping you believe in your ideas and the strength of your brand, and for the values your company embodies. Whether hung in a shop, a waiting-room (the epitome of a non-space!) or a stand at a trade fair, a photo canvas print with a striking image will ensure you stand out and will promote your image and your brand.

Yourself: you have to like yourself before you can get others to like you. A canvas print featuring your face or even a selection of details from your body (your eyes, for example) is like having a snapshot of a mirror with your image on it. Obviously, you need to take care to avoid narcissism: don’t print a photo canvas print with your face on it out of vanity, but perhaps upon achieving an aim you set yourself in the past. Anyway, self-esteem, without arrogance, is a beneficial quality.

Photo canvases of people

We hope our advice for printing high-quality and original Photo Canvas Prints will help you get your imagination in gear. Now it’s over to you.