The best customised items for weddings

The best customised items for weddings

Sarah Cantavalle Published on 6/30/2018

Planning every last detail of a wedding is a big job and one which is often delegated to specialist wedding planning firms. The wedding planner plays a crucial part in ensuring the event is a success, and customised furnishings and other items, used before the wedding and on the big day itself, can also help!

decorated wedding table
A table decorated for a wedding

To make the day your clients utter the fateful words ‘I do’ truly unforgettable, here at Pixartprinting we first of all recommend putting serious thought into all the objects and decorations that will provide the backdrop to the ceremony and reception, to ensure they match the day’s theme. Everything, from the invitations to the favours, must tie in with the wedding’s common thread and complement the personality of the bride and groom.

With that in mind, we’ve decided to create a list of some of the best customised items for weddings, to give you some inspiration when organising your next event.

1.Original wedding invitations

If the happy couple in question want to invite friends and relatives to their wedding with an invitation that is a little out of the ordinary, you’ll have to think beyond the standard ivory-coloured card.

You could choose an original style of card that suits the theme of the wedding, so guests can grasp immediately what type of event awaits them. For example, if the theme chosen is travel, printing invitation cards that look like postcards, with a photo of the bride and groom or the location chosen for the reception, could be a winning idea.

Customised postcards
Postcards with customised artwork. Copyright: Pixartprinting

You could also create wedding invitations that resemble plane tickets, passports or maps, all certain to be greatly appreciated by your clients and their guests!

If, on the other hand, the couple are into their gadgetry and the wedding has a high-tech feel to it, why not suggest recording a short video in which the bride and groom announce the happy occasion, to send directly to guests by email. This is both an eco-friendly option and a way of avoiding any delays in the post.

2. Welcome Bags

Welcome bags, although not yet widespread in the UK, are a classy option to propose to clients with real attention to detail. They can contain various objects and gifts, depending on your clients’ preferences and the location chosen for the wedding.

These welcome kits, delivered to each guest before the ceremony, can be paper bags or tote bags, customised with the betrothed’s favourite designs or phrases.

Speciality paper bags
Caption: Speciality paper bags are perfect for important events. Copyright: Pixartprinting

They might contain a map showing how to get to the reception, the wedding favours (saving the married couple the hassle of giving them out on the day) and a few useful items such as a fan, perfumed tissues or ribbons to decorate the newly-weds’ car after the event.

You can also add the order of service, some party bubbles or  customised cardboard containers full of rice or petals, along with a card with a brief thank you message. Naturally, all the printed materials should have a custom design that matches the theme for the day.


For wedding favours that are sure to go down well with guests, we recommend choosing useful and functional items that say something about the happy couple or the place where the wedding is taking place. Guests usually appreciate food and drink, such as bottles of wine or small jars of preserves or spices, decorated with customised labels or tags and high-quality fabric.

 Food packaging labels
Labels suitable for edible favours

 This type of wedding favour is perfect for events held in the countryside or with a shabby-chic style, but with a bit of imagination you can find products and packaging to match any wedding theme. For example, if the event is inspired by the world of cinema, you could suggest home-made popcorn in a food box customised with quotes from your clients’ favourite film: an option guaranteed to surprise guests.
You could also make nice stickers as an alternative, which allow you to customize any object you want.

Alternatively, if the wedding’s theme is nature, you could opt for bonsai trees or orchids, packets of seeds for guests to plant in their gardens, or herb pomanders for drawers, giving friends and relatives of the bride and groom a lovely (and aromatic) souvenir of the wedding.

4. Furnishings

The decorations and signage at the reception venue are crucial when it comes to creating the right atmosphere and informing guests how the tables are laid out. For the seating plan, place cards and menu cards, we recommend printing cards of various sizes and menus with a matching design.

Place card
Customised place cards and wedding invitations. Photo by Annie Gray on

For example, if a marine theme has been chosen, you could use a fishing net as a seating plan, decorated with shells, starfish and cards printed in marine-inspired colours with the names of the tables and guests. Once they are sat down, guests will then be able to admire place cards on small pieces of artificial coral and the wedding banquet menu rolled up inside a glass bottle, evoking the concept of a message in a bottle. 

At any event, it is always the small details that make the difference, and customising all the objects and decorations in a style that suits the chosen mood is definitely a key step on the way to organising the perfect wedding. Why not customize even the order of service booklets