Create a mouthwatering menu to describe your dishes, cocktails, snacks, sweets or wine list. Grab your customers' attention with a tailor-made product for your business, and add an extra touch of elegance and style to your cafe, restaurant or bar.

The majority of our products are FSC® certified – explore them now!
FSC ™ certification guarantees that these products are printed on materials sourced from forests that comply with rigorous environmental, social and economic standards.

Personalised Printed Menus for Restaurants and Cafés

Pixartprinting offers you custom restaurant menus personalized with your own design on paper or PVC. Our menus for restaurants can be fully customized in terms of size, lamination, finishes, and types of paper; plus, you can order any quantity you desire.

Whether it's for a beach bar or a trendy restaurant, the menu or restaurant menu is your business's first impression, so don't neglect it. Seize this opportunity to create an impactful restaurant menu. It's crucial to print a menu that matches your locale's style, a restaurant menu that is functional yet visually appealing to encourage your customers to order. With Pixartprinting, you can create the perfect presentation in the form of a menu for your establishment. We provide everything you need to make your menu a true reflection of your culinary offerings.

Pixartprinting Offers Tailored Restaurant Menus

Create, design, renew, or change your restaurant menu, adding appetizing images and information about new dishes to attract diners. On our website, you'll find various types of Menus to print exactly what best suits your needs.

Here are the restaurant menu formats, suitable for restaurants, cafés, bars, or any hospitality establishment we offer:

  • Paper Menu: A practical and economical folded menu with 3 folding options for 6 different formats, in basic square shapes with dimensions ranging from 9.8 × 9.8 cm, 14.8 × 14.8 cm, and 21 × 21 cm, or basic rectangular shape of 9.8 × 21 cm, 10.5 × 29.7 cm, or 21 × 29.7 cm; we propose 4 different papers, matte or glossy, with a weight of 300 g and the possibility of lamination. All are fully customizable on both the front and back.
  • PVC Menu: 2 formats —10 × 29 cm and 13 × 29 cm— made in 0.5 mm PVC; a durable and long-lasting menu. Simplicity and quality.
  • Tabletop Signs: On these signs, you can propose your daily menu or information about specific dishes on the table or shelves; you have 5 formats available with sizes ranging from 10 × 5 × 4 cm to 17 × 19 × 5 cm, made in 380 g SBS cardboard and can be laminated, matte or glossy, or have an exclusive finish like 3D varnish, golden lamination, and silver lamination.

Customizing Your Restaurant Menus

As you can see, we offer various formats and materials to create a tailor-made restaurant Menu to meet your needs.
But, how to create a personalized restaurant menu? To create original restaurant menus, you just need to configure a unique design and choose a format that allows the customer to get an idea of your culinary style and perfectly identify your project.

Moreover, to create modern and attractive restaurant menus, it's important to use fonts and colors that somehow reflect the aesthetics of your restaurant and culinary offerings.

Traditional Paper Menus for Restaurants

The quintessential restaurant Menu is made of paper, and we offer various papers —Classic Demimatt, Classic Gloss, Rembrandt, and Turner— to create it entirely according to your establishment's aesthetics and desired texture.
If you're looking to create simple and modern restaurant menus, paper is your ally. Thanks to the various formats, the possibility of printing identical or different front and back sides, and the folds, you can create a restaurant Menu that includes all your culinary offerings.

Additionally, you can apply lamination to your original restaurant menus for greater durability.

Durable PVC Restaurant Menus

We offer two formats —10 × 29 cm and 13 × 29 cm— for you to create your durable PVC restaurant Menu.

0.5 mm PVC is the ideal material if you want a modern, practical restaurant menu, easy to clean, casual, and above all, long-lasting. With ample printing space on both sides, you can create original restaurant menus perfectly in line with your establishment's identity. How to make a restaurant menu?