Self-published book

Have you written a novel, essay or short story? Don't leave it gathering dust in a drawer! Explore our solutions for self-publishing your projects quickly and easily. As well as a wide range of papers and custom formats, we also offer lamination and special finishes to add even more value to your publication.

  • From just one copy
  • Hardback or paperback cover

Self-publishing printing

Are you a writer and want to bring your publishing project to life? With Pixartprinting, you can print your self-publication projects quickly and easily. You can do so on this page, selecting your preferred customisation options: format, orientation, paper type for the inside pages and cover, lamination and special finishes. Our printing service is suitable for both small and large projects – you can even print your new self-publishing projects in small quantities, from as little as one copy!

What is self-publishing?

Self-publishing” means publishing a work without using a publisher. Self-publishing gives you a lot of autonomy, giving the audience the freedom to judge the work and select the best books. Self-publishing therefore means that the writing, printing and publication is autonomous. If you have written a book and what to produce it in black and white, you can do so quickly and easily through our printing service.

Loads of ideas for your self-publishing projects

In our vast online catalogue, you can find lots of ideas for printing your new publishing projects: books, catalogues, magazines, brochures, etc. You can choose the binding type, paper type and format you prefer. We offer loads of customisation options to bring your work to life. Take a look at them all!