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The full range of exclusive services for our customers.


HD quality for all prints

We always print in HD quality, for the same price as ever. 

File check

We offer you additional security for free. After uploading, without any additional charge, your files are automatically checked for several parameters such as document size, resolution, the existence of spot colours, correct font embedding and their transformation to paths, as well as ensuring the number of pages ordered matches the number in the artwork.

Professional file check

Want to be 100% sure that your file has been prepared correctly and will not cause any printing issues? Choose PROFESSIONAL FILE CHECK and one of our graphic designers will personally ensure that your file is correct, flagging up any errors (margins, PDF orientation, folds, etc.).

Customer support on all fronts

Website, email, phone and social networks.


Independent feedback provided exclusively by customers.

Sample packs and colour guides created especially for you

We always have stock of our paper sample packs and colour guides available, useful tools that make your work easier. Get enriched and inspired by the feel and weights of the different paper types, and judge the results of the printing process on paper and rigid materials.

Cancel your order from your online account in just a few clicks

If you choose to pay in advance (credit card, PayPal, etc.), you can cancel your order any time before paying. If you choose to pay on delivery, you can cancel your order any time before uploading your file. For all other kinds of payments, you cannot cancel your order.


Try us for £1

Test the exceptional quality that Pixartprinting provides for only £1. If you are registered as a customer via your VAT number, you can make use of this unbelievable offer: choose from posters, signs, business cards and flyers … all for only £1.

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Payment and shipping options

Quick and easy payments: choose your preferred method

Pixartprinting provides several payment methods to meet every need. Credit card, PayPal, cash on delivery, bank transfer (in this case, the processing of the order will start only after the payment is credited) and Klarna banking, an innovative and easy payment method, which works with your usual home banking details without registration, quickly and safely.

Quick and easy payment using PayPal

Pixartprinting allows you to pay using PayPal.

Delivery options to suit your needs

Do you need your order to be delivered as soon as possible? No problem. Pixartprinting will send your package with an express courier, that will deliver it to your doorstep within 48 hours. Select the most suitable delivery date for you on the price page.

Delivery options to suit your needs

Receive your order fast and without additional costs. Pixartprinting will send your package via an express courier that will deliver it to your doorstep within 24 hours. Select the most suitable delivery date for you on the the price page.

Anonymous shipping option, letting you go unobserved

If you do not want your customers to know about us, you can ask for an anonymous delivery. Choose this option when you fill in your order: you or your customer will receive an anonymous package, which will not show our details in any way, either on the package or the delivery note.

Custom Sender: another option

Do you want your name and address to appear on the packages you send to your customers? If so, choose the Custom Sender option. Select it when ordering and add your details: your customers will receive a package without any Pixartprinting branding or labels, and the sticker will be printed with your chosen name and address.