Special Finish Stickers

Choose from three different finishes – gold or silver foil or 3D varnish – for striking stickers that are a little out of the ordinary. Imbue your stickers with personality and stand out from the crowd at trade shows, events or festivals.

Custom Laminated Stickers

What are laminated stickers? These are stickers enhanced with special print finishes that give them a premium and professional appearance. With Pixartprinting, you have the opportunity to print your laminated stickers online, easily and quickly. We offer various embellishment options to allow you to highlight every detail of the image. You can also choose the material, format, and dimensions for your new stickers.

Select the configuration options you prefer, download the template and instructions from the page, place your order, and upload your print file to complete the purchase.

Stickers with Gold or Silver Lamination

Selective gold or silver lamination will allow you to make certain details of your new laminated stickers shine. The digital lamination process involves the thermo-adhesion of foil to areas of the graphics that you select. To set up your print file correctly and achieve the result you desire, we recommend downloading the instructions file from this page.

Laminated Stickers with Selective Varnish

Selective varnish will give your laminated stickers a beautiful three-dimensional effect. It is a high-thickness transparent varnish applied digitally to specific areas of the image you specify. For example, you can make your logo or text stand out from the sticker's surface, creating a pleasant tactile raised effect.

Print Laminated Stickers and Many Other Products

In addition to laminated stickers, within our extensive catalog, you can find many other models of custom stickers, categorized by format and material: round stickers, square stickers, oval stickers, die-cut stickers, transparent stickers... Discover them all!