White Stickers

The simplest of materials, ideal for showcasing all your ideas. The thickness of our weather-resistant white polypropylene stickers ensures a perfectly even result on various surfaces. Choose from die cut, kiss cut or sheets and customise them with your unique style.

Custom White Stickers

White or transparent stickers? The first fundamental choice in creating a sticker revolves around the material. Through this page, you have the opportunity to print your custom white stickers online, choosing the configuration options you prefer. We offer you a wide range of opaque white materials, ideal for making your beautiful graphics stand out to the fullest. Explore all the customization options and choose the best ones for you.

White Stickers with Your Graphics

For printing your new custom white stickers, you can use pre-existing graphics, but you also have the option to create a new one with our free online editor. If you already have a print file, we recommend downloading the template and instructions from the page, which will allow you to set it up correctly. The free editor, on the other hand, is easy to use even if you're not an expert; it will enable you to create your design from scratch or starting from one of our predefined templates.

How to Order Your White Stickers

To order your new custom white stickers, you'll only need a few clicks:

  1. Select the configuration options you prefer, such as the material, size, and special finishes for your new stickers.
  2. Download the template and instructions from our graphic designers' page to set up your print file. If you don't have ready-made graphics, you can create a new one with our free online editor.
  3. Submit your order and upload your graphics to complete the purchase.

Custom White or Transparent Stickers

In addition to white stickers, with Pixartprinting, you can also print beautiful custom transparent stickers with your graphics. Not only that, but you can also choose your new stickers based on the format. Explore all the products in our extensive catalog and find the ones that best suit your needs!