Pixartprinting has a vast range of tags available to display all the important information about your product: from standard and custom-sized tags to bag toppers, bottle neck tags and PVC tags. Choose your preferred type and create your own bespoke labels.

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Swing tags with your design

Quality swing tags in the UK

Swing tags are a simple but effective marketing tool ideal for retail use, no matter the size of your business. They can be attached to all kinds of products, from clothing, jewellery and accessories to artisan products, cosmetics and bottles. Use them to personalise your products and promote your brand or provide information about the product such as composition or ingredients. With Pixartprinting’s extensive range of personalised swing tags in all kinds of shapes, sizes and materials, the possibilities are endless! So let your imagination run wild and print your perfect custom swing tags with us. We offer excellent quality, low prices and fast delivery!

Custom tags

Pixartprinting offers several types of tags, each with its own dedicated page where you can find out more about the product and see the specific customisation options available. The range includes:

  • Custom Tags: suitable for all kinds of products, you can select a circular, square or rectangular format or choose your own custom shape. A wide selection of classic and deluxe paper is also available and lamination can be added for that extra-sleek look.
  • Standard Tags: custom swing tags made from matt or gloss coated 350 gsm paperboard with a choice of six sizes and optional 3D varnish or gold or silver foil to create more of an impact.
  • Folded Tags: with two sides giving you more space to advertise your brand and make sure you have all the details covered. These are also made from matt or gloss coated 350 gsm paperboard and come with a number of finishing options.
  • Door Hangers: they come in one size with rounded or square corners and are ideal as gifts to ensure your customers remember you or to distribute at events – and to hang on your doors of course!
  • Bottle Neck Tags: these tags slip over the top of your bottles for a more eye-catching look. There’s a choice of two sizes in 380 gsm SBS paperboard with various finishing options.
  • Bag Toppers: perfect if you will be hanging your product or want to top the bag off elegantly, as there are options with or without a long hole. Made from 380 gsm SBS paperboard.
  • Table Tents: these free-standing displays are a sleek way to show information on tables or shelves and come in five sizes with a choice of finishing options.
  • PVC Tags: choose white or transparent PVC and one of three background colours if desired. You can also select a round or long hole and its position on the tag.

Swing Tag Printing

Ordering swing tags in the UK from Pixartprinting is easy. Simply follow these steps:

  • Choose the type of swing tag that is right for your product from the selection on this page and go to the dedicated page for that type.
  • Customise the printed swing tags, selecting aspects such as the shape and size, paper type, printing details and any optional features like special finishes and lamination.
  • Select your desired quantity of swing tags, price and delivery date from the options provided. The quote will generate automatically as you make your selections.
  • Choose a delivery method for your file. You can either upload your artwork or create your file online in our Designer tool. At this stage, you can also select a PRO File Check & Fix for a small fee if you would like one of our graphic designers to perform an enhanced check of your artwork before printing.
  • Download the Template and Instructions to help you set up your artwork correctly.
  • Add to your basket and complete your order, uploading your file to us.

If you need any help with your order or if you have questions about the custom swing tags, our Customer Support team will be happy to assist.

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  • How can I print custom swing tags? Simply choose which type of tag is best for you from the options above and click the link to the product page. You’ll find more information there and can place an order by working through the step-by-step form, selecting your preferred customisation options such as shape, material and any special finishes you may wish to add. Select your quantity, price and delivery date from the options provided and then download the Template and Instructions files. They are important to ensure that your print file is set up in line with our requirements. Then, submit your order and send us your artwork!
  • Which swing tag models can I find in the catalogue? Our range of swing tags includes all kinds of options, from Standard, Folded and PVC Tags to Door Hangers, Bag Toppers and Table Tents. We also have Custom Tags, which you can choose if you want a unique shape for your tags that isn’t covered by our other swing tags. There are 8 papers to choose from with an optional hole.
  • What can I print on my new swing tags? Our swing tags for your products are ideal for displaying your logo, product name and any relevant information such as ingredients, contents or even your story! Door hangers are great for advertising or signage, particularly in hotels where they can be used as do-not-disturb signs, and PVC tags are popular for membership cards and ID passes. You can use your creativity and print anything you like on our swing tags!